The Miss-Lou Soccer Club has partnered with Concordia Recreation No. 3 to offer recreational soccer to the Miss-Lou community.

Games will be played at the Recreation District No. 3 soccer complex.

“We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to grow and enhance the quality of the game of soccer,” said Miss-Lou Soccer Club president Daniel Rivera.

Each game will be 5-on-5 for boys and girls in different age groups.

“It’s all about player development, and if it’s 5-on-5 more kids are involved in the game,” Rivera said. “And it’s all about educating parents so those who want to volunteer will know more about what they are doing and help facilitate the process. According to the United States Soccer Federation, there is a direct correlation between player development and the number touches a player takes on the ball. We want to make sure players are getting opportunities to play with the ball as much as possible. We believe small-sided soccer games, along with age appropriate field sizes are the right way to approach player development. Players will be placed in an environment that encourages fun activities and structured lessons. Coaches will be encouraged to just let the kids play and discouraged from lines, laps, and lectures.  ”

Tucker Reynolds, who is Executive Director for the Louisiana Soccer Association, will be holding a clinic Saturday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

“We want to take away the barriers,” Rivera said. “Volunteer coaches don’t have equipment, and we will provide that as well as coaching tips and lesson plans.”

League play will begin September 19.

Registration ended Wednesday with more than 250 signing up.

Players will receive home and away uniform kits, a free soccer ball, while coaches will receive education for every age group, equipment for each coach and referees will receive courses and equipment.

Rivera said the league will release registration dates, schedules, and any contingency plans as soon as that information is available to us.  

“Although some circumstances are out of our control, the last thing we want is for you to be left in the dark only to be surprised with a last minute change of plans,” he said. “The quickest way to stay up to date with us is to follow our Facebook page and to make sure that the e-mail address on your account is accurate.”

Information can be found on the league Web site at

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