Mike Norris expected to be running his own baseball tournament last week.

This while performing other duties as head baseball coach at Vidalia, while also preparing for his first season as head football coach of Vidalia High.

So how was he spending part of last week?

"I spent time on the golf course," Norris said. "There wasn't a lot of stress there."

Norris is one of dozens of coaches in the state adjusting to the shutdown of spring sports due to the Coronavirus.

"The worst thing about all this is the players," Norris said. "This is the best times of their lives with their buddies. Even guys in the pros talk about the time they spent playing for their high school. These kids need our program more than we need them."

Norris doesn't believe the spring sports will be resumed if students and teachers do not return to school this spring.

"They can talk about pushing it back, but you have vacations and getting ready for football," he said. "What I would like to see them do is to allow high school coaches to have club teams and play in May and June. There would be no championship, but at least these kids would get to play some more. Or just have one big tournament."

Norris said the shutdown is not only sad for seniors, but other players.

"We were starting two freshmen  who would have been getting valuable playing time," he said.

Norris said he is using his free time now to plan his one-year and five-year plan for football.

He is also going out to stir interest up in improving facilities at Vidalia High.

"I'm talking to business people, interested parties and I am going to approach the school board about what we can do to improve our football field, put a track around it, improve our gyms and put an artificial turf on our baseball field," Norris said.

Norris wasn't planning on having spring football, which would have allowed him to start a week earlier in the spring.

"I think the LHSAA should give us extra days early in pads," Norris said. "These are definitely different times and I am all about being safe."

Norris has several ideas in the works for his first year as Viking head football coach and is anxious to see how everything pans out.

“Right now it’s just a matter of getting past this tough time and everyone staying safe,” he said. 



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