It's questions I hear all the time.

Do you think they will play football?

When do you think they will play football?

And I give them my Dee Faircloth head slightly cocked to the side, piercing eyes looking at them like they just spilled a plate of spaghetti all over themselves and a little sneer. Followed by a long, drawn out, "IIIII dooonnnnnn't knooooooowwwwwwww."

Followed by, "Geez, If I knew the answer to that I would be in Las Vegas becoming a millionaire and partying with Dennis Rodman (OK, it probably wouldn't be Rodman).

The question I have is not like the ones I get. 

My question is, how in the world are these high school coaches going to get their players ready to play. 

Let's face it, the majority of them are not doing enough to be in the kind of shape to withstand the June and July heat.

And coaches are going to be eager to push them to get ready for the season.

The majority of your players around here go both ways.

The coaches will probably have the tough challenge of bringing them along slowly while still getting ready for the season.

There will undoubtedly be more water breaks and more focus on how the players are doing running gassers and drills.

The good thing is that we have coaches familiar with the players.

Mike Norris is in his first year as head football coach at Vidalia, but he has served as baseball coach the last two years and has been an assistant coach for Jeff Hancock and Faircloth.

Stanley Smith and Blake Wheeler have  planted their systems at their respective schools. 

Both were planning on having spring football practice. Smith skipped it last year, but told me later in the year that he regretted it because of the new signing day in December. Coaches get an extra chance to see guys in the spring.

Wheeler is used to working with small numbers.

It will be very important for all three schools to have really strong senior leadership this fall.

Coaches will be scrambling doing things they could not do the final three months of the school year.

This definitely could be a case where the most disciplined team could be the surprise team of the year.

Those teams where the players have been working out constantly will be way ahead of other teams.

And then if we are fortunate enough to begin summer drills, what happens next?

IIIIII dddooonnnnn'tttt kkknoooooowwwwww.

I know I can't visualize football without a band or fans.

Seriously? Watching a Ferriday game without the ESPN theme music?

Walking the Melz Field sidelines through a maze of cheerleaders.

A silent halftime without the enjoyable performances by the Ferriday High and Vidalia High bands.

Bugs feeding on me at Delta Charter because there is no one else around.

Not being able to take in the smoke from those awesome grilled burgers at Delta Charter.

No one hanging on the fence at Ferriday High, and the funny remarks made to the officials who wish play was down on the other end.

The humorous and motivational shouting from Vidalia fan Tabinika Chatman.

Yes, we need football. But more important, we need everything that goes along with it.

Go away, rona.




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