Ferriday native Dare Rosenthal announced on social media Wednesday that he is foregoing his senior year at Kentucky and declaring for the NFL Draft.

“First, I want to thank God, without God none of this would be possible,” Rosenthal stated on social media. “These last three years at Kentucky and LSU, two great institutions, have been unforgettable and a blessing. I would like to thank Coach O, Coach Stoops and the rest of both staffs for recruiting and developing me into the man I am today. I can’t be thankful enough. Most importantly, I would like to thank my family and everybody from the 318 (area code0 for the unconditional love, support and motivation. I wouldn’t be here today without each and everyone of y’all.”

Rosenthal said the decision came after talking with his mother, Latosha Rosenthal.

“I was trying to decide whether to go back to school or declare for the Draft, and we felt like it was time, that I was physically and mentally ready,” Rosenthal said. “There are a couple of more tools I have to sharpen.”

Rosenthal was actually recruited by Nick Saban at Alabama when he was a freshman at Ferriday High.

“I don’t think anyone has been recruited by Alabama while at Ferriday High, so it was a big deal,” Rosenthal said.

Rosenthal then chose LSU when he became a senior.

Rosenthal actually told former LSU coach Ed Oregon that he wanted to play defense before he agreed to move to the other side.

“I really think I could have taken on any offensive tackle,” he said. “But I don’t think I would make as much money on the defensive line. Now I have a chance to generate good money.”

Rosenthal said he had meetings with a therapist recently who helped him have a clear view of his path.

He also believes he’s a better offensive lineman.

“I think I got better at pass protection and getting to the second and third level,” he said. “And I wanted to chase the ball in case it came out.”

In 2019, Ferriday’s Dare Rosenthal was part of an offensive line at LSU that won the Joe Moore Award as the nation’s most outstanding offensive line.

Rosenthal felt he should have been part of that honor again as a left tackle at Kentucky, but that award went to Michigan this season.

Rosenthal was unable to play in Kentucky’s 20-17 win over Iowa in the Citrus Bowl earlier this month because he had close contact with someone with COVID.

“It wasn’t real disappointing because I was banged up a lot and wasn’t real sure anyway,” he said. “It was a last minute decision.”

Rosenthal lined up against his former teammates on October 9 as the then undefeated Wildcats hosted 3-3 LSU at Kroger Field. Kentucky won the game 42-21. LSU cornerback Jay Ward tweeted out after the game about being able to visit with Rosenthal.

“It was just another game,”Rosenthal said. “I just went out and had fun. I talked to some of the guys after the game. Those, most definitely, are my brothers. I know they have had injuries. The main part is everybody getting on the same page and finishing strong. I feel their frustration. I’ve been through that with them.”

Playing in the SEC, the Ferriday native has seen his share of top defensive linemen and linebackers.

“I’ve gone against some good ones,”Rosenthal said. “Phil (Phidarian Mathis of Alabama) is really good. He got the better of me a few times. But if I have to say who was the toughest ever it would be Dantrieze (Scott) when we practiced at Ferriday.”

Mathis, who played high school football at Franklin Parish and Neville in Monroe, declared for the Draft Wednesday.

Rosenthal is majoring in Communication and will graduate in either May or December of next year.

Rosenthal said he has no idea when he will be drafted. He said he is undecided where he will watch the draft from in April, but it won’t be from home.

“I just want the right fit,” Rosenthal said. “I want somebody to welcome me with open arms. I’m excited about it, but I knew this day would be coming.”


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