So it's looking more and more as if our senior football players will not have a full season to show off their wares -- which is so unfortunate because this area is so overlooked as it is.

It's also unfortunate because of the number of seniors in this parish worthy of moving on to the next level.

Ferriday alone has the best bookends in the state in seniors Blake Tarver and Khylin Lewis.

Then you throw in the likes of Elijah White, Fred Patrick, Larin Stampley and Akealis Bloodsaw, Kobe Johnson, Vincent Hollins and Da'minya Milligan and Ferriday could easily pass last year's group of four signees off of its state championship team.

With a solid year, Christian Davis of Vidalia could garner some looks.

Big things are expected from Delta Charter running back Tre Griffin.

So what happens if these guys are not able to show what they can do on the field.

That's where all the other intangibles play an even big factor.

First of all, if you haven't taken your ACT --- TAKE IT.

College coaches may be forced to be recruiting with a tighter budget. And they will not take a chance on a player who is still needing his ACT.

Not to mention grades. If coaches see you taking care of business in the classroom, they will feel less wary of sending out an offer.

If coaches see a guy taking care of his schoolwork and having everything in order, they will feel like that will carry over to the football field.

And, finally, don't think for a second coaches are not checking out your social media site.

If you are posting inappropriate comments or pictures, believe me coaches will know and cross your name off right there.

Now more than ever coaches have to be sure they are recruiting the type of person who will not bring embarrassment to their university.

At this stage, there is not a lot of difference talent-wise in most recruits.

Someone who shows a lot of class on social media and refrains from making vulgar or shameful posts will move to the head of the class.

I wish I could say that's the way it is on a normal season, but we all know better than that.

If your highlight reel lights up a college coach, he may ignore the intangibles thinking he can get you straight once you arrive on campus.

But those highlight reels may not come to pass this Fall.

Take care of your business young men. Your future may depend on it.

And now switching gears. This frustrating game of the unknown has coaches scratching their heads and trying to concentrate on getting their teams ready while following guidelines.

Sure, it’s rough on all coaches, but I could not help but really feel for my good friend Bill Hurst at Centreville Academy.

Hurst reached the 400-win milestone last year and currently has a coaching record of 404-139 -- all at Centreville.

Hurst has won nine state championships in Mississippi, his latest coming against Adams County Christian School in 2014.

His Tigers lost to St. Joseph Greenville in 2018.

Hurst's first state title was in 1976.

Hurst coached at Centreville from 1975-94, spent two years away to watch his son, Clint, play at Southwest Community College on Thursday nights, before returning in 1997.

Hurst has coached in 531 games -- the most ever in Mississippi -- and his 402 wins is 11 more than Ricky Black, who coached at Jackson Prep, Tupelo and Kosciusko. The 71-year-old Black will amazingly begin his 50th year in coaching (hopefully) as Jackson Prep head coach this Fall.

Lum Wright won 229 games at Warren Central, Port Gibson and Chamberlain-Hunt.

Ed Reed of South Natchez fame won 226 games.

Ken Beesley won 204 games, all at Cathedral while also coaching other sports and teaching Math.

Joey Porter had 132 wins at South Natchez and Columbia and now enjoys officiating games.

J.T. Curtis of John Curtis is another coach with high expectations for 2020.

With eight wins, Curtis could reach the unthinkable 600-win mark.

Curtis is 592-66-6, which ranks as the most wins by any coach ever in high school football.

Every football season there's a lot on the line.

It seems this year there is so much more.

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