To quote a former tennis bad boy turned awesome tennis commentator John McEnroe, “You cannot be serious.”

So I had written my story and a column about Delta Charter School being a select school this school year, which really wasn’t a big surprise to me because the Louisiana High School Athletic Association pretty much stated all charter schools would be listed as select.

Never mind the fact the Justice Department has to approve each student attending DCS.

But then came the bombshell Monday evening.

My good friend Clay Parker sends me a text asking, “Ferriday and Vidalia are select, too?

I answered no, just Delta Charter.

He then sent me the updated select list that has Vidalia, Ferriday and Monterey among select schools.

I checked my e-mail and found the memo from the LHSAA and began texting and calling parish coaches and administrators.

They were just as dumbfounded.

So much for everything returning back to normal.

What made it all so confusing is that in an original release, Vidalia, Ferriday and Monterey were not listed among select schools.

The new definition of select school now reads, “Lab schools, magnet schools, schools with magnet components, charter schools, parishes that allow open enrollment at all its public schools and tuition-based schools.“

Apparently the schools with magnet components is what put Vidalia, Ferriday and Monterey in select, even though the LHSAA does not recognize Concordia Parish Academy, and it is actually listed as a program instead of as a school.

Needless to say, all three parish public schools are appealing.

Personally, I don’t see how they can keep our parish schools in the select category. Or as Vidalia High principal Bernie Cooley put it, “I have no idea in this part of the world how they came up with us being a select school.”

And there’s no doubt this is a ploy by the LHSAA to bring all the schools together like it once was.

Schools that have been thrown into select would have to seriously consider approving that move now.

So, my next question is which division would Vidalia, Ferriday and Monterey be in if they were in select?

I know, that’s putting the cart way before the horse (or mule in this case). 

Division IV has Ouachita Christian, Southern Lab, Opelousas Catholic, Calvary Baptist, Sacred Heart, Vermillion Catholic, St. Mary’s, Central Catholic, Ascension Catholic, Country Day, Catholic-Pointe Coupee, St. Edmund, Hamilton Christian, St. Frederick, Hanson Memorial, Cedar Creek and Riverside Academy.

Where would our schools fall?

Monterey would have to be in Division V with non-football schools.

That would include Family Christian, Jehovah-Jireh, Episcopal of Acadiana, Grace Christian, Claiborne Christian and Family Community Christian School.

I’m guessing Vidalia and Ferriday will be Division III in the playoffs.

I’m also guessing Delta Charter will be Division IV. I’m thinking there’s going to have to be some re-structuring.

Administrators just laughed about trying to look that far ahead.

Let’s face it, this is looking like a big joke.

Division III has Lafayette Christian, Oak Grove, Notre Dame, St. Charles, Episcopal, Newman (hey Arch!), St. Thomas Aquinas, Catholic-New Iberia, Pope John Paul II, Menard, Northlake Christian and Houma Christian.

Monterey could now be competing in basketball, baseball and softball postseason against the likes of Family Christian, Jehovah-Jireh,  Episcopal of Acadiana, Country Day University Academy, Family Community Christian School, Forest and Grace Christian.

Harrisonburg is now the only school in Monterey’s district to be non-select.

Why are we even still doing district? 

Turning to Delta Charter, talk about raining on a parade.

Just when Delta Charter School was celebrating not being in the same district with Ouachita Christian, Cedar Creek, St. Frederick and River Oaks, the LHSAA pops their balloon and makes a move to throw Storm athletic teams back into the fire.

Last November, the LHSAA moved Delta Charter to District 4-1A for 2022-23 and 2023-24 in the latest LHSAA proposal.

The Storm were moved from District 2-1A with Cedar Creek, Lincoln Prep, Ouachita Christian, River Oaks and St. Frederick to a district which now includes Block, Delhi, Delhi Charter, Sicily Island and Tensas.

The Storm went 4-0 against the teams they played now in their district this past season.

The districts will remain the same.

Last year, Delta Charter’s losses were to former district foes Ouachita Christian, St. Frederick and Cedar Creek. Oak Grove moved up to 2A into the same districts with Vidalia and Ferriday.

But now Oak Grove is considred select because they have open enrollment.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Delta Charter should have a good power ranking in Division IV by the end of the upcoming season.

But instead of taking on the likes of LaSalle, Basile, Centerville, Ringgold, Tensas, Delhi, Sicily Island, Block, which are all competitive, but nothing like what Delta Charter will run into in Division IV with the likes of Ouachita Christian, Ascension Catholic, Kentwood (because of open enrollment in Tangipohoa), St. Frederick, St. Edmund’s, Southern Lab and Riversdie Academy.

Let’s face it, your chances of reaching the Superdome are much better in Class 1A. Or even getting close.

I know a lot of this has to do with the friction between public schools and private schools, which has now filtered down to charter and magnet schools.

And, I get it. If you are a public school you want a level playing field. 

You want to compete against schools with the same restrictions.

Heck, you only have to take a look at Concordia Parish and the lawsuit the Concordia Parish School Board has against Delta Charter to see a bit of the animosity that goes on between open enrollment schools and non-open enrollment schools.

Animosity too strong a word? Maybe. Then again, talk to some of the folks on both sides.

It’s going to be interesting in January.

For right now the road just got tougher for our parish schools. 

But they are used to that by now.



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