And then there were two.

Where oh where did baseball and softball seasons go?

As of Tuesday at noon, Delta Charter and Monterey’s baseball teams were the only teams standing.

Monterey pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the first round by surprising Mt. Hermon 3-1.

I certainly didn’t think any season could fly by faster than the Covid-19 spring seasons last year.

And while I have to admit it seemed overwhelming at times, I still can’t believe it’s teams got in full seasons.

It wasn’t the type of spring we wanted, but it is what was expected considering the number of underclassmen representing Vidalia, Delta Charter and Monterey baseball and softball teams.

And considering the shortened season last year, it took away valuable playing time for freshmen and sophomores. Nothing compares to the experience of playing in actual games.

I still wonder how that senior-laden softball team at Monterey would have done last year under normal circumstances.

And how far Monterey could have gone with Jacob Spinks on the mounds. Spinks is now a big part of Copaih-Lincoln’s success this spring.

So let’s recap.

Monterey plays at No. 4 Zwolle Saturday.

Ethan Clark will be able to toe the mound again, which is big for the Wolves. Is there a Cinderella story in the making?

This was Nicholas Kennedy’s first year as Vidalia head baseball coach. 

In his last season as Vidalia High baseball coach, Mike Norris, who took over the Viking football team last year, played more football games than baseball games.

Kennedy had to basically learn on the run, short-changed by the pandemic.

And Mason Ozburn is in his first year at Delta Charter. 

Ozburn became a head coach and dad all in the same time frame last year.

Throw in Covid-19 and that’s a crazy spring.

The Storm is the No. 4 seed and has an excellent chance of making it to the state tournament in Sulphur if the Storm players stay focused and take it one game at a time. Which I just didn’t do.

There, they would likely meet No. 1 Oak Grove in a semifinal contest.

Oak Grove is rated No. 1 in Class A, but only beat Delta Charter 6-4 in their district meeting last month in Oak Grove.

Ozburn scheduling a last-minute game with Bastrop at the end of the season won by Delta Charter 5-3 paid off big time for the Storm, even though it wasn’t one of the best games of the year for Delta Charter.

But, of course, just because COVID-19 did not affect the spring sports this year doesn’t mean it did not have its share of bizarre.

The weather certainly wreaked a little havoc early.

In 63 years I had never heard of an ice dam.

I certainly know what one is now.

The main thing is we got a full season in. Which is saying quite a bit considering Vidalia and Ferriday canceled their basketball seasons.

It’s been quite a school year.

Hopefully we can get completely back to normal soon — where the only thing we gripe about are buffalo gnats and love bugs.

It sure would be nice to begin working on a football preview section in July, not worried about the schedule.

I can assure you the football season will go by just as fast.

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