Fifteen months after laying down a new gym floor that covered a gym floor dating back to Huntington School days, Delta Charter School is having to put down another floor after damage from the two winter storm last month.

“Coach (Ronald) Ellis called me and asked if I had been up to the school,” said Delta Charter administrator Jimmy Comeaux.  “I told him I couldn’t get to it. He said ‘Well, you are not going to like what you are going to see.’”

Ellis sent Comeaux pictures of offices and locker rooms with ceilings on the floor and hanging down.

But that was nothing compared to seeing it up close.

“I walked into the gym and I almost walked back out and threw up,” Comeaux said. 

The gym floor was warped from both walls to the free throw lanes.

“All I could think is that this is a disaster,” Ellis said. “I expected the lights to be out. But I was shocked at the coaches’ offices. Then after I came back few days later I saw the gym floor had buckled.”

Two weeks since the storm, the old Huntington gym floor is back after the new gym floor was taken up.

Servpro workers on scaffolds in the gym, and all around the gym are the lone people who have been able to set foot into area.

The gym floor was installed by Sports Floors Inc., of Memphis. 

New goals, more lighting, a scoreboard only two years old, and plans to redo the wall behind the scorer’s table in the gym were part of the makeover.

Now the walls show signs of water going down onto the gym floor.

Comeaux said the gym floor is covered by insurance, and he’s hoping the roof, which still leaks, will also be covered.

Comeaux contacted Sports Floors Inc., which will begin work on installing a newer gym floor after repairs are made to the gym roof.

“The floor we had down cost $85,000, Comeaux said. “That same gym floor now cost $110,000 because the price of lumber has gone up. The gym floor we are going to get is actually a step up from this floor. We are going to make a few changes and improvements, such as the coaches offices and the athletic director’s office.”

Comeaux said everything right now is hinging upon how soon the roof can be repaired.

“I would love to have a new gym floor by the end of May,” Comeaux said. “That may be a lofty goal.”

Comeaux said summer basketball workouts have not been held the last two years because of COVID-19 last year, and the installation of the last gym floor two years ago. Physical education classes have been moved elsewhere.

“No one has been in the gym since the storms,” Comeaux said.

“I know we are going to get everything worked out,” Ellis said. “There’s no sense getting all worked up about it because it’s something we could not control.”


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