A candid conversation with ULM head coach Michael Federico last Wednesday pinpointed concerns about the Warhawks baseball team, and those have only magnified since.

Less than 1 hours after suffering a 9-7 defeat against No. 21 Louisiana Tech, Federico voiced his frustration over what has turned out to be a roller coaster ride for the Warhawks baseball team.

“Are we an offensive team? Are we a defensive team? I’m just ready to figure it out,” said Federico on KMLB 105.7’s The Morning Drive with Aaron and Jake. “It’s like the weather around here. You never know what you’re going to get from us.”

The Warhawks had good moments (Grant Schulz coming in the clutch with some big defensive plays in Game 1) and bad moments over the weekend (losing in extras to Texas State on Saturday and having its offense lulled to sleep in a loss on Sunday). 

And while I’m still high on where this Warhawk team will ultimately finish this season — ULM needs to get healthier first and foremost — going 1-3 in their last four games does force this team to do a little soul searching. 

Federico will be the first to admit that now that the Warhawks are 10-10 on the season. But don’t sell your ULM stock just yet. 

The Warhawks were a play or two from taking the series away from a talented Texas State team. 

While ULM gathers itself, Louisiana Tech remains red hot on the diamond.

In that candid conversation with Federico, there was one more thing he said that stood out, and it was centered around Louisiana Tech’s Taylor Young. 

Young, who graduated from West Monroe before becoming a standout for the Bulldogs baseball team for the last four seasons, recorded three hits in Louisiana Tech’s victory against its closest rival. 

Young wasn’t just a consistent producer in the Tech lineup. 

He was clutch, and he carried that into the weekend too, by the way. 

No hit was more clutch than Young driving a 2-2 pitch off the center field wall for a two-RBI double against the Warhawks, though. 

That was the final momentum swing of a back-and-forth contest Tuesday night in J.C. Love Field at Pat Patterson Park.

“Taylor Young comes up with another big hit against us,” Federico said. “He’s been another Achilles heel for us. He’s come up with some big hits.”

Rinse. Wash. Repeat. Young has been a thorn in the sides of many coaches over the years. I remember Young pitching against a District 2-5A rival one year, when he successfully charged a bunt off the mound to throw a runner out at home. 

Trying to “squeeze” one past Young has never been easy, and pitchers can certainly attest to that, as his lowest on-base percentage for a collegiate season was last year’s .420. 

Keep in mind that was a short season.

Louisiana Tech took three out of four away from Southern Miss in Hattiesburg over the weekend, and Young had a game-tying RBI double in the Friday night victory. Imagine that.

Louisiana Tech has now won nine of its previous 10 games and is eighth in the nation when it comes to RPI. D1 Baseball had the Bulldogs ranked as the No. 17 team in the country. 

Will they finish their season in the NCAA tournament? 

Will ULM join them? It’s far from a fantasy to consider that option. 

Coming off of another March Madness without one of our local teams representing Northeast Louisiana — we’re going on three decades now since that last time that’s happened — it’s pretty exciting to project what might come in our own backyard on the baseball front.

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