So Ferriday could easily be considered the third best team -- OK, wait for it -- in District 2-2A.

Yep, that may come as quite a shock considering the Trojans were considered one of the best, if not the best, team in Class 2A the last few years.

Of course, it’s hard to judge from what transpired last year. There were players who had banner years, but their statistics will not back that up because they may have only played in five or six games.

Consider this — our three parish teams, Ferriday, Vidalia and Delta Charter, did not play their final three regular season games because of COVID-19.

One team that did play all of its games is Mangham, which went 11-1, losing in the final minute-and-a-half to Kinder in the 2A semifinals.

Mangham lost some true studs in quarterback Kaleb Pleasant, wide receiver Tae Gaeden, lineman Chase Underwood, running back Cam Wilmore and kicker Kolby Poindexter.

But Mangham coach Scott Wilcher says his front defensive four may be the best at Mangham in years,

The Dragons did have 25 sophomores who saw a lot of action last year.

Mangham had one of the upsets of the year in beating Ferriday 42-36 last year to propel them to the district title.

Meanwhile, a very unassuming General Trass team was putting together one of the best seasons they have seen in Lake Providence in years.

General Trass’ only two losses last year during the regular season were to Ferriday and Mangham.

The Panthers lost to eventual state champion Many 83-26 in the 2A semifinals.

Don’t think for a second that General Trass head coach Toriano Wells has let a day slip away without bringing that up.

And General Trass has a new surface after stripping its football field and planting new grass.

What a concept.

I’m still looking for a pair of tennis shoes I lost on the Vidalia and Ferriday sidelines last year.

What our parish teams are playing on is sad, and getting sadder each day as schools their size are putting in new surfaces — including turf!

Vidalia head football coach Michael Norris and Ferriday High head football coach Stanley Smith have been pushing for turf field for both schools.

At this point I think they will take any kind of overhaul.

It’s getting more embarassing for road district games to schools with less go out of their way to give their athletes something to take a lot of pride in.

Getting back to the game itself, you can rest assured Norris is loving the attention given to other teams in the district.

But Vidalia showed what it is capable of which a gritty effort against St. Helena in the first round of the playoffs last year.

And Joseph Purvis is ready to turn the corner at Rayville.

District 2-2A is no longer Ferriday’s to claim.

And second place is certainly not a gimme.

A lot of young guys are going to have to step up for the Trojans this year.

And 100-yard penalty games are no longer a thing that Ferriday can overcome by talent.

The road to the Superdome does not go through Ferriday this year.

That would be a little further up the road .


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