Big Game Hunter

Janie Bertelsen poses with antelope she bagged in Wyoming.

Fourteen-year-old Janie Bertelsen made a trip of a lifetime even more memorable when she harvested an antelope in Wyoming on October 2.

Bertelsen, a student at Vidalia Junior High, earned a trip Wyoming after being selected by Outdoor Adventures for the Physically Challenged for the hunt, Bertelsen, the daughter of Craig and Leigh Anne Bertelsen of Vidalia, has Marshall-Smith Syndrome.  

“Janie has always loved going deer hunting,” Craig said. “We applied for several special needs hunts. We went on line and applied with Outdoor Adventures for the Physciall Challenged in Wyoming and Janie was accepted.”

Outdoor Adventures for the Physically Challenged is a drawn hunt and only takes a few hunters each year on a select ranch near New Castle, Wy. The foundation pays for most of the travel expenses, license fees and provides lodging at the ranch.

“The gentleman who is the owner of the ranch is very wealthy,” Craig said. “In 2010, a quadriplegic came and hunted and the owner watched him use a breath activated trigger to bag an antelope. He was so impressed he closed down the south end of his property and only allowed disabled hunters to use that land.”

Janie’s uncle, Matt Verucchi went with her on the hunt.

“She was absolutely thrilled when she bagged the antelope,” Craig said. “She didn’t even know what an antelope was.”

Janie had two days remaining, so spent time shooting prairie dogs with an AR rifle,” Craig said. “They are apparently a big problem there.”

Craig said Outdoord Adventures for the Physically Challenged mounted the antelope and will send the mounted antelope to Janie.

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