It was a dark and stormy night.

Friday night was actually a lot more dark and stormier for Ferriday and Vidalia than Storm players, coaches and fans.

The one night all three teams are at home, with two celebrating Homecoming, kickoff is delayed because of lightning.

Two times this year all three teams have been on the road the same night. This Friday, all three teams are on the road again.

All three teams are at home on October 15.

Make sure your rain gear is dry that night.

A light rain fell through most of the night, turning the Ferriday sideline into a pig pen. (Turf anyone?)

Mangham truly showed me to be the class of 2-2A this year, despite losing several seniors from last year’s Class 2A semifinal squad.

While Neville High running back A.J. Allen was grinding out  259 yards in an upset win against West Monroe before making a trip to Alabama after receiving a call from Nick Saban, Allen’s first cousin, Mangham junior running back Jalen Williams, was literally chewing up the field at Ferriday with 239 yards on 34 carries, scoring five touchdowns.

On its next possession, Mangham converted a third down and 18 yards to go as Bell and Williams combined on a 23-yard pass play as Williams broke several tackles to get the first down.

That kind of typifies the season for both teams.

Delta Charter improved to 4-1 with a win over Sicily Island Friday. It’s the best start ever for a Delta Charter team.

The Storm’s only loss was to two-time defending Class 1A state champion Oak Grove.

Take Oak Grove out of the equation (which will thankfully happen next year), and Delta Charter is clearly the best non-select team in District 2-1A.

Oak Grove head coach Ryan Gregory was impressed with the Storm. After close losses to Sterlington, Mangham and Ouachita Christian, the Tigers were loaded for bear for their home game with the Storm.

Despite its 42-8 win over Delta Charter, Gregory had high praise for Delta Charter.

“That was the most physical Delta Charter team we have ever played,” Gregory said. “They really got after it.”

Of course, the weekend got worse with LSU and the Saints’ debauchles

Everyone was upset with ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit when he made comments about LSU following the Tigers’ loss to UCLA in which  Herbstreit suggested that LSU players may not even be interested in playing football at this point.

Herbstreit took that a step further, mentioning the word “effort” multiple times while talking about the historically great program. It wasn’t that the Tigers lost; it was the way in which they lost.

According to Herbstreit, he “can’t watch” the Tigers play right now because of the lack of effort on defense.

“Last year, they’re a 5-5 football team, gave up 35 points a game, one of the worst defenses we’ve seen at LSU,” Herbstreit said on ESPN College Gameday on Saturday. “And then they’re going to come out, here we go 2021, and they’re going to try to get off to a quick start and you kind of see the same stuff.

“New defensive coordinator. The missed tackles,” Herbstreit said. “I mean, there were 13 missed tackles (against UCLA), and I think that’s being generous. When you watch it, it’s not just missed tackles. It’s effort. It’s effort. You cannot believe that’s the LSU uniform when you watch this game, and I like UCLA. I liked them all year.”

So after LSU defeats Mississippi State, there are people jumping all over Herbstreit, even demaning an apology.

This week, Herbstreit is much more popular than Ed Orgeron. So much for the apologies. Herbstreit needs to put in for the coaching job.

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