Last week was one of the strangest game weeks I’ve seen in a while, even during these crazy past two years.

Monday was spent watching Nicholas putt-putt up the Gulf of Mexico toward Texas. I’m thinking, “OK, come on Nick, get your tail across the state and get out of here by Thursday.”

Tuesday,. Nicholas hits Texas and just sits there like LSU’s defense against UCLA. Looking at the forecast it has 60 percent or more chance of rain all week

Wednesday, Nicholas has hardly moved and the forecast is still looking dire.

I text Ferriday High coach Stanley Smith, who had a bye scheduled for last week, that he’s the genius in the house.

Thursday, Nicholas still not a factor but the forecast is still shaky.

Friday morning, sun comes out and it’s looking like a beautiful day. In Concordia Parish anyway. Ahhh, we are having football with no mud or rain

Sorry, Stanley.

Everything appears to be good.  I won’t have to worry about losing a shoe on the Vidalia sidelines, or trying to decipher the runny ink on my notepad.

Then the phone rings at 1:13 pm. It’s Vidalia High principal Bernie Cooley. 

“We have a covid case and are having to cancel the game tonight,” Cooley said in a tone as if he had just been punched in the gut.

To quote John McEnroe in his bad boy tennis days — “You cannot be serious!”

One starter tested positive.

Kudos to Vidalia High officials and coaches for following the proper protocol set by the school board— even if that protocol is one of the strictest  in the state.

I know of several school boards who have relaxed their guidelines to go along with the latest trends. And have taken into account vaccinations and re-testing after five days.

And the other sad thing is that Jena also will feel the effects.

Jena defeated Vidalia earlier in the second game of the season. 

The Giants would get points off of Vidalia wins in future games.

I have no doubt the Vikings would have at least split or swept LaSalle and Jonesoboro-Hodge, meaning Jena loses points despite having nothing to do with the situation. 

And that goes for future Vidalia opponents.

Back to the timeline. 

It’s 7:04 p.m. 

There are kickoffs all over the state and I’m not at one of them. Delta Charter is at River Oaks. Vidalia has to forfeit and Ferriday has a bye.

And then to really rub it in, the skies are pretty much clear in Concordia Parish. 

There is lightning and some rain north, west and south of us. Several games are delayed. There would not  have been any such delay at Vidalia High.

It was an awesome night for football. If we only had some.

That’s just not right.

I texted the Norris just after 7 p.m. Friday 

“I feel deprived.” 

A minute later I hear a ding and look at my phone.

Norris has the perfect reply.

“You probably don’t want to hear what I feel.”

Yep, sometimes you just have to laugh to keep from crying.

Hopefully, October will be much less cruel.

And much more normal. 

Whatever normal is nowadays.


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