Delta Charter head football coach Blake Wheeler has had to stop practices twice this summer because of a player being around someone with Covid-19.

And now his quarterback is being quarantined for the same reason. The player was not around other players, so practice has been able to continue, just with a new signal-caller.

"It's extremely frustrating," Wheeler said. "You just worry about what's next."

Wheeler and his coaches have done everything possible to protect their players this summer.

"Inevitably there's no way around it," Wheeler said. "But we will continue to monitor, follow guidelines and do what's best of the players. Hopefully it will all work out to where we can play some football. I'm slightly optimistic that on October 8 we will be playing."

Gov. John Bel Edwards was expected to give an update this week.

"I do know we can't live in fear," Wheeler said. "We can't continue to be locked inside our houses. We have to get out at some point and push forward."

And that doesn't mean pushing sleds.

"We have got to get to the point where we can put on pads and hit each other," Wheeler said. "Our kids are ready to get after it, and I know our coaches are ready. We just are anxious to get to phase 3. But this is just like any other year in that our kids are excited to start playing. But, then again, you can't help but wonder if everything will get shut down."

Wheeler said it is frustrating to see other teams in the surrounding area playing football.

"We do need to move forward," Wheeler said. "We can't stay in phase 2 forever."

And if that all wasn't enough, two tropical systems are in the Gulf of Mexico this week.

"I don't think we could have it any other way in 2020," Wheeler said.

Wheeler said if and when Louisiana moves into phase 3, it will mean an acceleration in practices.

"We're going to go up-tempo right off to get this guys ready," Wheeler said. "Eventually we are going to have to do a lot running in gear. Some kids can handle that better than others. We're going to be safe, but we have to make sure these kids are in shape when the time comes to play a football game."




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