Sherrill Sasser and Cora Morace admire one of the terrariums created at the January meeting of Ferriday Garden Club.

In 1842 a botanist's accidental omission led to the creation of terrariums. The Ferriday Garden club learned in an informative, interactive program on the subject at their January 11 meeting that Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward, who was studying insect behavior, accidentally left a lid off of one of the jars he was using. A fern spore germinated into a plant inside the jar and the fascinating object became the first terrarium.

But terrariums soon proved to be a practical as well as attractive planting method and Ward began shipping plants to and from Australia by use of them. They were at the time called Wardian cases.

Today terrariums are either closed with tropical varieties of mosses, orchids and ferns, or open with dry plants such as succulents and cacti. President Sherrill Sasser and Vice President Mary Smith provided the club with containers, medium and plants to create their own version of the Victorian favorite.

It was a busy meeting with the wonderful program and plans for lots of projects scheduled for the year. The club will be participating in the Deep South Garden Clubs, Inc. project of planting native plants by planting 100 Bald Cypress and 100 Nutall Oak seedlings in Bayou Cocodrie Wildlife Refuge and in Bayou Memorial Park along the bayou at the entrance to Ferriday. Additionally Ferriday Schools have requested plantings. These plantings will be the Arbor Day project.

Plans are also being finalized for a Style Show to be held in the Spring. This is the fundraiser for the Bayou Park and pays for the upkeep of the flags which need frequent replacement.

The club will also be selling caladium bulbs as fund raising project. The same varieties will be available as last year and by all reports were they were spectacular.

Jeanine Reeves reported on the Planting Pride Junior Gardeners recent meetings which continue to be a source of education in stewardship of the earth for the students involved.

Hostesses for the meeting were Jeanine Reeves and Nancy King.

The next meeting will February 8 at Concordia Bank Ferriday, members and guests are invited to attend.

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