Three Vidalia residents were charged with felony cruelty to the infirmed last week after an elderly Concordia Parish man under their care died from neglect last November.

Catherine Perry, Christopher Britt and Lucille Britt were charged after information came about following the death of 75-year-old Nolan Lachney of Shaw, said Concordia Parish Sheriff's Office Investigator Lt. Chris Groh,

"We had a lot of information come to light recently, which led to the investigation," said Groh.

He said those arrested did not want a coroner to come to Lachney's place after his death.

Groh said Lachney’s emaciated body was found with bedsores from lying in his own feces and urine, while his fingernails and hair had been neglected.

“The last time any medical attention or an ambulance had been down there was in April of 2018.” Groh said.

Lachney had been under the care of Perry, with whom Lachney had a relationship, and her daughter, Lucille Britt, and Perry’s daughter’s husband, Christopher Britt, for several years.

“They all lived with Lachney and also lived in a little green trailer on the property,” Groh said. “All three of these individuals were around Mr. Lachney at all different times, according to eyewitness neighbors. So they had access to him in this shape and no attempt was ever sought to get an ambulance or a medical person down there to get him the proper care he needed. They could have easily called someone from an ambulance service when he was in that shape and said, ‘Hey, I need help with this man,’ and they did not do that.”

Groh said the three suspects were arrested Feb. 26 and they were still being held in the Concordia Parish Jail on Tuesday evening.

“Further investigation is underway,” Groh said.

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