Louisiana cooks can expect to spend an average of $46.87 on Thanksgiving dinner this year.

That is slightly higher than last year’s average cost of $45.11. But it is still below the national average calculated by the American Farm Bureau Federation — $48.91.

Quincy L. Vidrine, a family and consumer sciences agent with the LSU AgCenter, recently conducted a survey of stores in the Alexandria area to assess the cost of items commonly featured on Louisiana Thanksgiving tables. Her shopping list included turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, rolls, butter, peas, cranberries, a vegetable tray, pumpkin pie, whipped cream, coffee and milk.

“The meal would feed roughly 10 people, which makes the per-person cost about $4.69 — not a bad deal overall,” Vidrine said.

The survey didn’t account for the cost of regional favorites such as rice dressing, cornbread dressing and pecan pie.

“These additional dishes may up the price a bit, but most Louisianians would not complain,” she said.

Other factors, such as using grocery delivery services, could increase the cost. People also can expect a heftier bill if they purchase complete, pre-cooked meals from stores or restaurants.

“The aforementioned options would bring the cost of your Thanksgiving meal upwards of $85 to $100,” Vidrine said, “but some people are perfectly fine with paying a little extra to be relieved of the stress, hustle and bustle that comes with preparing the big meal for Turkey Day.”

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