Baylor Cobb


Work ethic.


These three characteristics have molded and shaped Baylor Cobb to what he is today: Franklin Parish High School Student of the Year.

Cobb learned the positive attributes from his parents, Kevin and Tanya, and sister, Hannah.

“In my family, we are expected to perform at the highest levels possible no matter what we are doing,” Cobb writes in his student of the year application. “There are several values at the forefront of our way of life as a family. These values have helped me reach the goals I have set for myself, and will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

The top characteristic that shaped his life is loyalty, a trait Cobb learned from his father.

“When I think of loyalty, I picture my father,” Cobb writes. “He is in his third term as the sheriff of Franklin Parish. This is his 29th year at the Franklin Parish Sheriff’s Department. Whether in my relationships or in more of a professional setting, the roots of loyalty ingrained in me by my father run deeply in my heart.”

Cobb has a tremendous work ethic evidenced by his numerous academic and athletic awards and plentiful humanitarian efforts.

“My mother is the poster child of work ethic, and is always striving for the best in her life,” Cobb writes. “I have observed her stay up into the wee hours of the night grading papers and helping students get all the help they need in order to get a good grade. She has taught me how to get my hands dirty and how to grind out projects or situations, no matter how long it takes. As a result of this, I need no motivation to get things done with the highest of quality.”

Confidence is a key ingredient of Cobb’s success in the classroom and athletic field.

“My sister is a prime example of someone who carries herself with a massive amount of confidence,” Cobb writes. “She is about to receive her master’s degree at 21 years of age and is currently working for the FBI. No challenge or obstacle throws her off her game. The most important thing that I have learned from her is to always be confident regarding my achievements for which I have worked so hard.”

The work has paid off for Cobb both academically and athletically.

When Cobb signed a baseball scholarship to Tulane University on Nov. 12, he became the first Franklin Parish player to sign with a Division I intercollegiate team. 

Additionally, he was named number one catcher in Louisiana by Prep Baseball Report, number three baseball player in Louisiana by Prep Baseball Report, 4A All-State baseball team and has held most hits and  RBIs position on the Patriot team.

Cobb is also a member of the nationally ranked Louisiana Knights baseball team.

But Cobb was not satisfied being a stand out on the baseball diamond.

He has a 4.0 GPA and was named outstanding student in English, biology and physical science. He was chosen as a Patriot Scholar and 12th Grade Student of the Year at FPHS.

Cobb’s desire to improve and help his community runs deep with various volunteer stints.

“Winnsboro has been my home for my entire life,” Cobb writes. “I believe this place has made me the person that I am and will help forge me into the person I am meant to be.”

Winnsboro Masonic Lodge named Cobb for their Honesty and Integrity Award. He has also volunteered for multiple community roles with the Franklin Parish Sheriff’s office including the Triad Christmas food delivery and sandbag distribution.

He has participated in the Angel Tree Prison ministry, nursing home visitation and was a Salvation Army Bell ringer as part of Life Church’s youth group.

Cobb will continue to pursue excellence as he enters college.

“I will attend Tulane University on a baseball scholarship in the fall,” Cobb writes. “Playing professional baseball has always been a dream of mine. I love the feeling of competing against the best athletes in the country.”

But if professional baseball does not work out, Cobb plans on receiving an accounting degree and joining the Army.

“I aspire to become an Army Ranger in the 75th Ranger Regiment,” he writes. “Special operations is an interest of mine, due to the high mark of both the physical and mental excellence to which the soldiers are held. I also believe one of the highest aspirations a person can have is to serve this great country with pride and bravery.”

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