Garden Gate Study Club held its May 14th meeting at Boeuf Prairie Methodist Church in Fort Necessity. 

The business meeting was called to order by president, Tami Boyd.  After a silent roll call, the minutes were read by Julia GIlmore. The treasurer’s report was given by Mary Belle White. The Cleanest City report was given by Naomi Cordill. She shared that Winnsboro won the 2021 LGCF District V CC Contest. Marguerete McLemore gave the Community Pride report. 

Martha Iacovelli gave the Bird Report on the Northern Mockingbird. Some of the interesting aspects of the mockingbird were that it is known for its wing display which may be used to startle insects. Mockingbirds can learn over 200 songs in their lifetime. They will sing 24 hours a day and sing to protect their territory. They can recognize humans and remember which humans bothered them. They are usually monogamous. The male builds multiple nests and the female will choose one. 

Mary Sue Colvin gave the environmental report focusing on Five Tips to Garden for Wildlife. These were to provide a natural source of food, provide a water source, provide a source of cover, provide a place to raise young and to practice sustainable gardening. 

The plant of the month was pass-along-perennials. Each member brought a perennial and shared information about the plant. Perennials were distributed through a number drawing. Some of the plants shared were hidden ginger, purple-leafed red canna lily, phlox, purple oxalis, yellow canna lily, pink ruffled daylily and a “Henrietta” old garden rose. The floral design was by Julia Gilmore. She used a white swan container as a homage to the Boeuf Prairie Methodist Church which is also known as White Swan Church. Her design featured blue hydrangea, yellow Stella d’Oro day lily, curly willow and fatsia.

The 2021-2023 GGSC officers were installed by Julia Gilmore.  The officers are: President, Heather Carroll; Vice-President, Charlotte Little; Secretary, Martha Iacovelli; Treasurer, Mary Belle White; Reporter, Daphanie Dailey; and Historian, Marilyn Reynolds. In-coming president, Heather Carroll, was presented with a club president’s pin by Tami Boyd. The Immediate Past LGCF District V Director, Julia Gilmore, presented Tami Boyd a gift and letter of appreciation for serving as Garden Gate Study Club President, 2019-2021. Mary Sue Colvin, former LGCF President, presented Julia Gilmore, District V Director, 2019-2021, with an LGCF Life Membership on behalf of LGCF District V members. 

Garden Gate Study Club is a member of National Garden Clubs, Inc., Deep South Garden Clubs, Inc. and Louisiana Garden Club Federation, Inc. 

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