Talent seems to run in Robert Finley’s family.

Finley’s grandson, Andre McMahon, was recently invited by Talent Auditions to audition for major producers like Disney and major national advertisers.

Finley’s was a semifinalists in America’s Got Talent. McMahon is proud of the grandfather’s accomplishments but wants to make a name for himself in the acting and singing business.

McMahon is a sophomore at Franklin Parish High School where he is active in the arts and the basketball team.

He has a twin brother, Andrew, who plays on the football team and sister, Tyra McMahon, plays FP soccer.

Christy Johnson, his mother, said the three siblings keep her busy but she does not mind. She wants all three of them to follow their dreams.

“I saw on Facebook where they were doing virtual auditions, so I got Andre to do one,” Johnson said. “He did it virtually and out of 200 kids, they only picked five.”

McMahon had to memorize lines to a Kit Kat commercial for his audition.

McMahon is currently taking virtual classes sponsored by the company and on Jan. 17 plans to fly to an audition.

His mother has set up an GoFundme account named Andre Musical and Acting Career to help with the expenses of classes. Their goal is $2,000.

Like Finley, McMahon is skilled at many instruments such as the keyboard, guitar, sax and he sings. And like Finley, he plays all by ear.

McMahon is also lead musician at Victory Temple Church.

“At three, his grandfather got him a drum set,” Johnson said. “He drove me crazy.”

What does Finley think about his grandson reaching for the stars?

“He’s just tickled pink,” Johnson said. “He’s very excited.”

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