Troy Middleton

Troy Middleton’s love of the arts and thirst for knowledge has gained him a place in Franklin Parish’s top students. Middleton was named Junior High Student of the Year.

Middleton is the son of Lynn and Melissa, both educators. The eighth grader goes to Gilbert School where Anna Tarver is principal.

“My parents who are both educators have always encouraged me to be a better student,” Middleton said.

His love for music drove Middleton to the piano where he taught himself how to play. From the piano, he has been a guitar student at The Princess Theatre with the Music on Main program.

“It all started when I looked up a tutorial on how to play a song I liked on the piano at my church,” he writes in his student of the year essay. “I practiced and soon could play without even watching a video. I learned many more songs and taught myself the basics.”

His love of music carries over into acting. Middleton is active in his church, First United Methodist Church Winnsboro, where he acts in seasonal plays and the Princess Theatre.

“I have acted in an extensive amount of plays, mostly musicals, which has only brought more joy to my love for the arts,” Middleton said.

He acknowledges straight A’s has not been hard for him mainly due to his drive to succeed.  Middleton has consistently made A’s throughout his educational career.

“I put in the effort and succeed when I need to, and I even overachieve at some of the more difficult subjects, like Algebra I and English Language Arts because they are more interesting to me,” Middleton said.

He plans on taking dual enrollment classes at Delta Community College and University of Louisiana at Monroe when in high school.

Middleton’s communication skills are superior, said Kayla Shirley, eighth grader teacher.

“His perception and critical thinking have always amazed me,” Shirley said. “I love listening to his ideas because they are always outside the box and take a completely different path from the norm.  I always say that Troy has the best questions in class. I can also always count on Troy to help any struggling students in the classroom.”

Middleton trusted his loved ones to guide him through life’s difficult times.

“My loved ones are clearly one of the most important things to me because they have supported me and helped me through all my major problems in life,” Middleton writes. “I do not think I could get this achievement without them reminding me to be a better version of myself everyday. These people consist of friends and family members.”

For a well rounded atmosphere of peers, Middleton has relied on God and his relationship with those in his church.

“God is by far the most important thing in my life,” Middleton writes. “Church also had a positive impact on my life because I get up being taught to be kind instead of hateful, and forgive those who have wronged you. I try my best to be perfect all the time, but the reality is that there was only one perfect person.”

With all of these factors, Middleton can look for much future success.

“All of these things make up the principles of my life,” he said. “I know keeping these in my mind and heart has gotten me this far, and as long as I keep my priorities straight, the sky is the limit.”

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