ANNAKATE PARKER stands in front of her work in Wisner. Parker is currently painting a mural on the side of a building located on the corner of Fort Scott and Front streets. (Sun photo by Joe Curtis)

When most people see just an exterior wall, Annakate Parker sees an opportunity to spread artistic beauty.

The Franklin Parish High School junior creates colorful murals mimicking modern pop culture and movies. Her artwork can be found in Winnsboro at the Hair Hut and now in Wisner at the corner of Fort Adams and Front streets.

The building she is painting on has recently received a fresh coat of paint on its side and face thanks to a small group of volunteers. Wisner’s Town Hall and police department buildings were the first buildings whose trimmings were rejuvenated with paint.

More buildings will be painted in the near future, said Wisner Mayor Marc McCarty.

“I think it is wonderful that Annakate is using her talents in Wisner,” McCarty said. “I look forward to seeing her complete work, and I ask everyone to come check it out.”

Parker is in her first week of the painting and when completed will take the visitor on a journey through an oversize meadow of flowers. The flowers will feature different types of varieties and colors including yellow, blue and violet. She drew her inspiration for her creation from Alice In Wonderland.

Parker, whose parents are Leann Holcomb and stepfather Sidney Ryan Holcomb of Winnsboro, started painting as a seventh-grade member of the FPHS Talented Arts program.

“The canvas only gives a set area to paint and is more restricting,” Parker said. “Walls are open and gives you more room to be more creative.”

Parker admits there are challenges to painting on walls where they are made of wood or brick. Wood walls tend to absorb the paint while brick walls have crevices and cracks.

“You have to deal with the texture,” Parker said.

Even with the different textures, Parker enjoys the creative flexibility the walls give.

“On canvas, people can look closely at your work, picking out mistakes,” Parker said. “(Walls) give you more creative freedom. You’re not as worried about making mistakes. Painting walls is more therapeutic.”

After finishing high school, Parker will possibly attend Northwestern State University and major in its arts program.

The Wisner project will possibly be complete in two to three weeks.

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