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GENE BOQUET, commander of Hanna Richardson Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 3155, presents Lisa Kiper, director of CHOW Inc. a $1,000 VFW donation. Pictured from left are: Billy Cobb, VFW member, Carmen Sims, Kiper, and Stacy Moroni. (Sun photo by Joe Curtis)

Officials from the Hanna Richardson of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 3155 recently donated $1,000 to CHOW-Franklin.

The money was initially obligated to a special flag retiring service, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic the event was postponed to possibly next year. Organizers of the event decided to donate the proceeds to CHOW, said Gene Boquet, commander of Post 3155.

“We are so honored that the VFW men have chosen to donate to our cause,” said Lisa Kiper, CHOW-Franklin organizer. “We have so much respect for them and are thrilled with their donation.”

CHOW-Franklin is a non-profit outreach to elementary-aged school children at Winnsboro, Baskin, Gilbert, Fort Necessity and Crowville elementary schools providing them with easy to prepare / ready to eat items during the weekend. Each child in the program receives a “Chow Kit” with food items. The “Chow-Kit” contains on average eight to 10 items to provide nutrition and alleviate hunger on the weekends during the school year.

Lisa Kiper, CHOW-Franklin organizer, said the organization is continually looking for food donations or money.

Food items can be breakfast bars, packets of instant oatmeal, pop tarts, Ramen noodle cups, individual microwave mac & cheese, packages of peanut butter crackers, fruit and granola bars, packaged Rice Krispy treats and individual packages of nuts.

Other food items Chow-Franklin needs include pudding cups, packets of instant grits, fruit cups, Slim Jims, applesauce cups, packages of cheese crackers, fruit gummy bears, Beenie Weenies with pull tops and kid-friendly soups with pull tops.

Food items must be individually wrapped and must be non-perishable and easy to open.

For those interested in donating any of the above items, drop off centers are located at Franklin Billing Services, Franklin State Bank, Kiper Hardware, Progressive Bank, Winnsboro Physical Therapy and Winnsboro State Bank.

For those interested in joining VFW, he or she must have serve in foreign or combat situations with any branch of the American Armed Forces.

Boquet acknowledged the COVID-19 pandemic put a hamper on the flag retiring service but assured locals it was tentatively scheduled for next year along with the upcoming Veteran’s Day event.

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