Jones to defend title, Nov. 13

Hunter Jones is defending his American Kombat Alliance amateur heavy weight title Nov. 13 at Hirsch Memorial Coliseum against Joshua Metzger.

Jones will be defending his belt for the second time when he takes on Metzer, who is a previous champion. Metzer had to vacate the belt and has been away from the octagon for four years.

“(Metzer) is really big, strong and tall,” Jones said. “In his previous fights, he is more of a stand up guy but does have a jujitsu game like myself.”

To get prepared for the fight, Jones had been training twice daily for two months at Kron Gracie Gym in West Monroe.

“Should’ve been there my entire life,” Jones said. “We been lifting weights and doing cardio in morning. In the evening time, we do jujitsu and sparring.”

Jones is also watching his diet and drinking a lot of water to get in fighting shape. All this work Jones is putting in the gym has paid off.

“I will say this 100 percent, this is the best shape I’ve ever been in going into a fight,” Jones said.

First time Jones defended his title, he knocked the guy out one minute and 10 seconds in the first round, and he has built up some confidence to this fight.

“I don’t see any other way of me losing this fight,” Jones said. “With it being my birthday weekend and having my people behind me, I don’t think this guy can stop me.”

For the future, Jones is looking to go down a weight class to 205 by next March and wants to fight two or three times in that division.

“Then I want to go pro and go to the big show,” Jones said.

Behind every great fighter is a team, and Jones said he has a great one.

“My wife, my family always has my back and my coaches here at Kron Gracie and my coach down in Baton Rouge, Thomas Web, and all the people and my training partner that has gotten me to where I am know,” Jones said. “I couldn’t have it made it without them.”

Doors open at 6 p.m. and fights start at 7 p.m. at Hirsch Memorial Coliseum, and tickets are on sale at

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