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Louisiana Tech University has announced the names of students on its fall quarter president’s and dean’s honor lists.

Students whose names are followed by an asterisk earned recognition as members of the president’s honor list. That distinction signifies achievement of at least a 3.8 academic grade point average on a minimum of nine semester hours completed (100-level or higher), with no grade lower than a B.

To be eligible for the dean’s honor lists, a student is required to earn at least a 3.5 academic grade point average with no grade lower than a C on a minimum of nine semester hours completed (100-level or higher).

Courses yielding satisfactory/failure grades and courses audited do not count toward eligibility for either recognition. Only undergraduates with no incomplete grades are eligible to make either list.

Honor students are listed below by their hometowns, with all Louisiana students listed first by parish.


Franklin Parish                                                               

·         Baskin:  Mallarie Elizabeth Lowe*                                     

·         Crowville:  Taylor Denise Poland                                      

·         Gilbert:  Leslie Anne McLemore                                        

·         Winnsboro:  Hannah Katheryn Cobb*, Rachel Holbrook Collins*, Randi E. Cox*, Jacob Felton Moore, Zachary Morgan Waller, Joseph Lane Wolleson*      

 Catahoula Parish                                                                 

·         Harrisonburg:  Austin Taliaferro Goldstein*                           

·         Jonesville:  Mackenzie Grace Bennett, Joshua I. Hudson*, Bailey Elizabeth Mophett*, Melissa Leanne Taylor, Todd McKay Wilson*                             

·         Sicily Island:  Megan Renee Ford  

Tensas Parish                                                                

·         Newellton:  Mary Kifer Glass*                                         

·         St. Joseph:  Victoria Elizabeth Adams*, James Edward Gray*     



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