An open letter to the mayor and city council of Winnsboro:

Several years back we allowed alcohol to be sold in our parish. The selling point for this was that it would bring in more tax money for the parish and the parish schools, and increase jobs in our parish. We stood by and let alcohol sales become legal and sure enough it did bring in more tax money and increase jobs.

Job increases:

More law enforcement officers had to be hired.

More holding cells for the drunks had to be added.

More hospital staff was required to take care of those injured in fights, knifings, shootings and automobile wrecks.

More counseling facilities had to be opened to treat those addicted to alcohol and the other drugs for which alcohol “opened the gate”.

More social workers were needed to help place the children from broken homes.

More grave diggers to bury those who met an untimely end because of alcohol.

I am not a citizen of the Town of Winnsboro, but it is our Parish Seat and I am a citizen of Franklin Parish. I buy most of my groceries and gasoline there, and I feel that I have a legitimate concern over this matter, and am obligated to express my opinion.

How can selling alcohol on Sunday help our community? Perhaps it allows greedy merchants one more day to deflect money that should be for food, clothing and shelter, to alcohol.

Don’t do it! Let’s keep this one day free from the sale of alcohol.


W.G. ”Bud” Arnold

Gilbert, LA.

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