Dear Editor,

On Feb. 7, 2014, I was involved in an accident at KFC in Winnsboro. I was going North on Hwy. 15 in left lane, when a woman pulled out from KFC and broadsided me. The accident report stated she was going "East" on Hwy. 15. The problem is she had no insurance. She didn't get a ticket for no insurance and she didn't get a ticket for causing the accident.

I have over $4000 in medical bills. I can’t get any help with this. I have been to the police department and D.A. I am told to get a lawyer, which will cost me another $4,000.

I asked the question to the D.A., If I dropped my insurance and hit you, then I wouldn't get in trouble? He said oh no you will be arrested and charged. What's the difference?


Eric Temple

379 Doyle Road

Winnsboro, LA

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