Franklin Parish Activity Center received approximately $1.5 million in Capital Outlay funds to begin its phase II construction.

The announcement was made in Franklin Parish Police Jury’s regular meeting, July 15.

The Activity Center received Capital Outlay funds from Office of Community Development. Capital Outlay funds, divvied out in legislative sessions,  provides a source of funding for public improvement type projects not eligible for funding through any of the dedicated funding programs.

“Hopefully, we will be going out for bids in about 30 days,” said Adam Faulk, an Activity Center committee member.

Initially, the Activity Center was set to receive $2.98 million but was reduced to $1.5 million. Police Juror Rawhide Robinson, a proponent for the Activity Center, did not know a reason for the cut.

With the $1.5 million, planners hope to be able to construct a parking lot, bathrooms, finish up holding pens behind bucking chutes, build a perimeter fence and concession stands.

“We’re going to find out how far the money will go in a few days when we talk to our engineer,” Faulk said. “This money will enable us to hopefully finish up most of phase II and have the Activity Center fully ready for business.”

The first phase was the pavilion’s planning and construction and totaled some $1.3 million. It was financed through Capitol Outlay money and Chad Parks, of Design Plus Consulting Engineers, was over design plans. 

The third phase calls for a front entrance, RV parking lot and conference room.

With the first phase completed several years ago, the Activity Center has hosted events ranging from horse shows, tractor pulls and rodeo clinics, but Activity Center proponents said the different range of events could be more.

“It could be rented out every weekend,” Faulk said. “It can be used for way more than just for rodeos and horses. It has endless possibilities like concerts or parish-wide revivals. This could be a driving force of people coming to town, and it is going to be nothing but a viable asset to Winnsboro and the parish.”

The Activity Center is located north of Winnsboro on La Hwy 15.

“There will not be a finer facility this side of Monroe,” Faulk said.

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