The following arrests were recorded at the Franklin Parish Detention Center between Feb. 3-10, 2020.

Terrance M. Winn, 24, 689 Atkins Lane, Fryerson--simple burglary, theft, probation violation, criminal damage to property less than $500.

Kristina N. Boone, 34, 147 Delaughter Rd., Wisner--criminal neglect of family/non support.

Katelyn D. Lee, 21, 7583 Hwy. 4, Winnsboro--possession of marijuana CDS I, possession of drug paraphernalia, failure to appear, resisting by giving false information.

Kenyatta S. Johnson, 35, 110 Arthur Circle, Monroe--two counts failure to appear.

Gregory A. Welch, 40, 301 Honest John Lane, Winnsboro--possession of firearm by convicted felon, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Ronald R. Ellerbe, 35, 515 Hwy. 875, Wisner--possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of firearm by convicted felon.

Telly S. McCall, 44, 606 8th St., Winnsboro--obstruction of justice, failure to appear.

Seth Shipley, 33, Pine St., Winnsboro--criminal damage to property less than $500, trespassing.

Eugene M. Mount, 44, 110 Gaither St., Winnsboro--possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of CDS II, obstruction of highway.

William L. Johnson, 18, 1385 Hwy. 577, Winnsboro--possession of marijuana, first offense DWI, failure to stop/yield, careless operation.

Shederick R. Jones, 30, 1502 Hinton St., West Monroe--improper lane use, first offense DWI, open container, improper lights, possession of a Legend drug.

Brian W. Ulmer, 29, 248 H.W. Armstrong Loop, Winnsboro--second offense possession of marijuana, no driver's license on person, possession of drug paraphernalia, improper lights.

Matthew B. Boothe, 54, 242 Old Columbia Rd., Harrisonburg--owner to secure registration, driving under suspension.

Will McGhee, 43, 3301 Baldwin Dr., Winnsboro--two counts of theft, simple battery.

Michael J. Maynor, 40, 246 Maynor Road, Winnsboro--CDS II, distribution/manufacturing cocaine and meth.

Junius D. Wright, 33, 2902 Baldwin Dr., Winnsboro--disturbing the peace, refusing chemical test, first offense DWI, aggravated flight from an officer, resisting an officer, public intimidation and retaliation.

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