A unanimous, 6-person jury in the 15th Judicial District Court convicted a Crowley woman on an election fraud charge. The jury gave the conviction Sept. 2.

Delores Handy was found guilty of fraud when she purposely failed to mark an elderly voter’s ballot in the manner dictated by said voter.

“Maintaining voter integrity is the cornerstone of free and fair elections,” said Attorney General Jeff Landry. “My office will continue to protect this process and our most vulnerable citizens. I applaud AAG Joseph LeBeau and AAG John Russell for their efforts to protect Louisiana voters. Today’s conviction further supports my belief that every valid, legal vote cast should be counted.”

Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin added to the charge.

“Voter fraud undermines the very foundation of our democracy and is all the more egregious when perpetrated against vulnerable populations like elderly voters,” Ardoin said. “Close cooperation with the Attorney General's office resulted in today's conviction, which serves as a reminder that election integrity matters in Louisiana, and every allegation of voter fraud is taken seriously.”

Though the offense occurred in Acadia Parish, the case was transferred to Lafayette Parish by motion of the defendant.

Handy is now facing a fine of not more than one thousand dollars or one year in prison, or both. She is scheduled to be sentenced by Judge Jules Edwards, III on September 24.

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I hope the convicted woman gets a stiff sentence and that it gets national publicity.

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