Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) reported no cases of COVID-19 virus in Franklin Parish at noon today contradicting reports from Franklin Medical Center (FMC).

FMC reported three positive cases in Franklin Parish yesterday on its Facebook page.

The patients were tested at non-affiliated FMC clinics while no tests conducted at FMC have returned positive results, said Blake Kramer, hospital administrator.

However, the turnaround time for results is varying anywhere from three to eight days,” according to the Facebook statement. “With this new information, we will continue our efforts to mitigate and contain any possible exposures, while still caring for the needs of our patients in Franklin, Tensas, and Catahoula Parishes.”

When asked why local cases did not appear on the map, Kramer said he did not know but numbers may be coming in slow to LDH.

Meanwhile, 2,305 cases have been reported in Louisiana, according to current LDH information. The death toll grew to 83 and there were 676 reported COVID-19 patients in Louisiana hospitals.

Fifty-three of 64 parishes now have reported cases, according to LDH. 

Completed state lab tests total 2,254, and 15,775 commercial tests have been reported to the LDH.

COVID-19 positive tests stands at one in Richland, none in Caldwell, Concordia and Tensas. A positive test has been confirmed in Madison Parish. There has been one COVID-19 death in Catahoula.

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