Old Baskin School

Franklin Parish School Board members tabled a possible cooperative endeavor agreement with Louisiana Preservation Alliance, Inc. so its legal council can look over the wording. 

The action happened at its regular meeting Dec. 3.

Louisiana Preservation Alliance, Inc. is spearheading the move to rehabilitate Baskin High School. By entering into the agreement, officials from the group will investigate future uses and funding sources to return the building “to a productive use for the community,” said Brian Davis, Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation (LTHP) executive director, a group of Louisiana Preservation Alliance, Inc.

Under the agreement, Louisiana Preservation Alliance, Inc. agrees to investigate the “feasibility, potential uses and costs associated” with the rehabilitation while Franklin Parish School Board agrees to allow the group, along with its contractors, “reasonable access to the site…until May 29 for the purpose of investigating, documenting and if necessary and at their own expense, making repairs, in an effort to stabilize and preserve” the building.

The old Baskin High School building is in dire shape after not being used on a regular basis for 15 years. Water damage caused by incomplete roof work in 2009 led to major water damage in the auditorium, and the majority of its windows are broken and bricks are missing. 

Initial estimates to renovate Baskin High School set the projected cost from $1.5 million to $2 million, Davis said in an earlier School Board meeting.

On another front, School Board members unanimously passed a motion allowing them to be reimbursed for travel and registration for Louisiana School Board Association Conferences.

“My suggestion is when we go to a School Board Association event we pay for it out of pocket, however once we attend the event we come back with receipts per the policy then we get reimbursed,” said School Board member Jacqueline Johnson.

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