Drinks containing a higher percentage of alcohol could possibly be sold in Gilbert soon.

Aldermen voted to introduce an amendment to an ordinance raising the alcohol percentage from six percent to nine percent in their monthly meeting Feb. 11.

The change was requested when local business owners were denied to sale certain alcoholic beverages due to current ordinance limitations which were written in 1936.

“Nine percent is way below the hard liquor,” said Mayor Mike Stephens. “We have an ordinance on the hard liquor”

The ordinance will be voted on in the aldermen’s March meeting.

Meanwhile, sewer improvement plans are 95 percent finished for USDA and Louisiana Department of Health approval, according to Ken McManus, with McManus Consulting Engineers.

One delay engineers are waiting for is an answer to a request from Entergy to put in three-phase 240 volt.

Currently, the location has single-phase 240 volt. McManus said the three-phase connection would be more energy efficient for the plant.

Because of the peaks and dips in voltage, a single-phase power supply simply does not offer the same consistency as a three-phase power supply. A three-phase power supply delivers power at a steady, constant rate.

A three-phase power supply can transmit three times as much power as a single-phase power supply, while only needing one additional wire. Thus, three-phase power supplies, whether they have three wires or four, use less conductor material to transmit a set amount of electrical power than do single-phase power supplies.

“Hopefully, they will do it without any charge,” McManus said. “There are plenty of poles and lines around, so they can get us some three phase in there.”

With the USDA and health board approval, McManus foresees start of the project by summer.

“I’m hoping (bids) will be April or May if all goes well,” McManus said.

To perform the sewer improvement project, Gilbert received an $821,000 USDA grant along with a $588,000 USDA loan to refurbish the majority of its sewer system.

The amounts total $1.4 million with 58 percent of the proceeds coming from the grant.

The USDA loan comes with a 1.125 percent interest rate.

With the grant and loan funding, Gilbert will refurbish its lift stations and manholes, upgrade its sewer force mains and rework the waste water treatment plant.

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