Boggy Bayou project is nearing completion while Bayou Macon Cut-Off project should resume this week, said Ken McManus with McManus Consulting Engineers of Monroe.

The announcement was made at the Franklin Parish Police Jury public works committee meeting Sept. 4.

Boggy Bayou project started in mid-July and entailed cleaning and removing debris, grading, reshaping the channel and replacing culverts. W.L. Bass Construction of Monroe was awarded the $767,215 project at the Police Jury’s regular meeting May 9.

With the high water subsided, contractors will continue with the Bayou Macon Cut-Off project. During the project, a drainage structure will receive improvements providing flood protection from Bayou Macon River and the oxbow lake at Bayou Macon Cut-Off.

The Police Jury received capital outlay funding from the state to complete the $415,000 project.

Meanwhile, Police Jury employees burying cattle for farmers should be determined in a “case-by-case basis depending on the public’s safety,” said Police Jury attorney Mike Kramer after he reviewed a Louisiana Attorney General’s opinion about the matter.

The Police Jury should look at the proximity to a house and water in its determination, and the Police Jury should keep a record of each cow they buried, Kramer said.

On another front, Police Jury employees can install driveway culverts if the resident purchases the culvert, and the Police Jury purchases the material, said Sam Wiggins, secretary / treasurer. The Police Jury will not provide residents a second culvert if they have a circle drive or two culverts in their yard.

Wiggins was advising committee members after they received several questions about the culvert issue.

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