Ricky Campbell enters his 27th year as Franklin Parish Police Jury president after receiving an unanimous vote from his peers in their regular meeting Monday.

Police Juror Rawhide Robinson nominated Campbell with a second from Police Juror James Harris.

For the vice presidency, Robinson beat out newly-elected Police Juror Leodis Norman on a 4-3 vote.

Harris nominated Robinson with Campbell seconding the motion. Robinson voted for himself along with police jurors Campbell, Harris and David DeBlieux.

Norman also voted for himself along with police jurors Keiona Websy, and Gary Peters.

Robinson replaces former police juror Buddy Parks as vice president. Parks chose not to seek reelection.

Harris will remain Police Jury chaplain after receiving an unanimous vote.

Additionally, the Police Jury approved Secretary/ Treasurer Sam Wiggins’ contract for two more years.

In other action, the Police Jury approved to enter into a cooperative endeavor agreement with Franklin Parish School Board. In the agreement, the two entities will utilize a parking area located outside the corporate limits of Gilbert for busses and equipment. The School Board agreed to purchase material such as gravel, and the Police Jury agreed to spread the material and maintain the area.

Meanwhile, the Police Jury agreed to remove Ash Slough bridge, a wooden structure located south of La. Hwy 865. The bridge was built in the late 1950s.

“It has not had any traffic pass over the bridge for 40 years or longer,” said James Doughty, property owner. “One end of the bridge is collapsed. Through the years there has been a lot of debris that has accumulated. It could possibly interfere with the flow of water through Ash Slough.”

In a related matter, some $28 million has been requested from Louisiana Watershed Initiative Region Three for various drainage projects in Franklin Parish, said Ken McManus with McManus Consulting Engineers.

Drainage projects include Turkey Creek Dam repair for $3.9 million, phase one for Turkey Creek drainage improvements for $10 million, Ash Slough drainage improvements for $6.4 million and phase one of the Deer Creek rehabilitation for $10 million.

“We’ve also sent the engineering contract to Baton Rouge for the L.D. Knox number three drainage project which was funded through the state,” McManus said. “As soon as they review the contract, we will be ready to go. We will try to have that as a spring project, and it should move along quickly.”

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