Franklin Parish Communications District net position was $654,250, an increase of $77,790 from 2019, according to a Legislative audit report.

Assets amounted to $693,268 while liabilities totaled $39,018 as of Sept. 30.

Governmental revenues decreased 1.2 percent to $290,073 while total expenses decreased 5.7 percent to $212,283 for the year.

Franklin Parish Communications District investments in capital assets amounted to $8,251. Fixed assets decreased for the year by $6,971.

Fixed assets are long-term tangible pieces of property or equipment that a firm owns and uses in its operations

According to the audit report, “The future budget for the Franklin Parish Communications District shows little increase in revenues and an increase also in expenses.”

Franklin Parish Communications District spent $138,114 in personnel services, $65,735 in operation services and $1,154 in materials and supplies, according to the audit.

911 fees generated $282,375 in revenue for the district while 911 signs brought in $2,260 for the year.

The audit report listed $3,201 in revenue under “other income.”

The Communication District was created by the Franklin Parish Police Jury and is governed by a seven-person board.

On the board are Sheriff Kevin Cobb, Adron Henderson, Sammy Burns, Bill McLemore, Miles Kiper, Alan Dupuy and Tim Washington.

Board members receive no compensation.

Agency head is Debbie Brown.

The Communication District is responsible for installation, maintenance and operation of the 911 system in Franklin Parish.

David M. Martt, CPA, of West Monroe, performed the audit and listed no findings.

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