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Organizers of a Crowville street lighting project now want to develop a street lighting district.

The change of course came after a cool reception from some Franklin Parish Police Jury members to the proposed project.

“We are going in a different direction right now,” said Police Jury member Gary Peters, project proponent. “We’re going to come before the Jury and have a lighting district resolution.”

A street lighting district would be the area where the street lights would be placed and governed by a board.

To oversee the district, a street lighting board would be established.

The board would be under the Police Jury, made up of residents living within the boundaries of the district. Once established, the district could hold an election to levy a lighting tax.

The tax would cover utility charges incurred in the road lighting, maintenance and operation of lighting.

The initial proposal called for 40 street lights installed on existing facilities, according to Nick Poulos, proposition author. The lights would be situated on La. Hwy 17.

The lights would be standard 100-watt, high-pressure, sodium, open-bottom fixtures on six-foot arms.

The proposal was first presented to the Police Jury in its Jan. 14 meeting.

Meanwhile, Police Jury members approved cleaning out ditches and replacing a culvert around Gilbert School and a load of cold mix for Wisner.

They also approved repairing school bus turn arounds on Riley Martin and George Carroll roads and on La Hwy 555.

Police Jury members approved hardship drive requests on Mark Franks, Frazier and DC Crain roads.

Hardship drive requests provide reasonable road access to poor and needy citizens, according to an ordinance passed by the Police Jury.

The hardship drive is limited to grading, graveling and maintaining of a road not exceeding a quarter mile long and 12 feet wide, according to the ordinance.

Materials cannot exceed 150 cubic yards of pit run or 15 yards of washed gravel, according to the ordinance.

Police Jury members will also look into installation of speed bumps on Louisiana, Lincoln and Wood streets.

Public works committee members initially recommended to deny the measure due to liabilities related to the speed hindering devices.

“I’ve been researching it since I brought it up,” said Police Jury member Keiona Wesby. “Every liability that has been named off is a liability we have every day in that neighborhood when they are coming through there going 55 and 65. I have kindergarten-age children in this neighborhood.”

Liabilities of speed bumps listed were pedestrians walking on the roads, hazards to vehicles and slowing of reaction time for emergency vehicles.

“I’ve been here for 28 years, and we have not been able to do this,” said Police Jury member Ricky Campbell.

Additionally, Police Jury members approved the purchase of approximately $73,000 of culverts, four 16-channel mobile radios and a coin-operated drier for Turkey Creek Recreational Park.

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