By midmorning Tuesday, early votes for the Nov. 3 open primary, congressional, presidential election totaled 3,949 while 580 mail ballots had arrived, according to Geneva Cupp, Franklin Parish Registrar.

Early voting for the Nov. 3 Presidential election wrapped up Oct. 27, but voters can still cast their ballots by absentee or go to the polls on election day.

According to the Louisiana Secretary of State:

The deadline to request an absentee by mail ballot is Oct. 30 by 4:30 p.m. You can request an absentee online through the Voter Portal or in writing through your Registrar of Voters Office (other than military and overseas voters)

The deadline for a registrar of voters to receive a voted mail ballot is Nov. 2 by 4:30 p.m.

Additionally, parish voters are deciding on three millage renewals on the Nov. 3 ballot.

The first millage is a five-year 4.07 mills tax renewal for operation and maintenance of the Franklin Parish Courthouse. It is estimated the millage will bring in $436,000 through the five years.

Second is a five-year 11.17 mill tax renewal beginning 2023 for the construction, maintenance and operation for Franklin Parish’s drainage system. This millage renewal is expected to bring in $1,196,589 in five years.

The third millage renewal on the ballot is for maintaining, operating and purchasing parish equipment. It is a five-year 8.12 mills tax that is estimated to bring in $869,857.

Locally, Republicans Daniel Fuller, of Delhi, and Errol “Pat” Guyton, of Crowville, will be vying for Justice of the Peace District 1 position.

Republican Matthew Hollis, of Winnsboro, and Debra Williamson, of Baskin, qualified for the Constable Justice of the Peace District 2 seat.

Three men are running for the Gilbert Chief of Police position.

Acting Chief of Police Alvie Vick, a Republican, Justin Barfield, an Independent, and “Bill” Ezell have qualified for the position which was left vacant after the death of former Chief of Police Wesley Ezell.

Statewide, voters will decide seven amendments, 4th Supreme Court District Associate Justice and District 5 PSC.

Nationally, candidates for president, U.S. Senator and 5th Congressional District U.S. Representatives are also on the ballot.

Franklin Parish Police Jury put all three renewals on the ballot

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