Some 3,600 Franklin Parish residents cast their votes early for Saturday’s general election, said Geneva Cupp, Franklin Parish Registrar of Voters.

Those numbers are expected to rise with mail in ballots coming in “daily,” Cupp said.

Of the 3,689 voters, 1,826 were Republicans, 1,349 were Democrats and 514 were listed as other, according to the Louisiana Secretary of State’s website.

Female voters outnumbered male voters, 2,061 to 1,628 and 2,910 were white, 765 were black and 14 were listed as other, according to Secretary of State numbers.

Statewide, 489,654 have cast their early votes. Democrats outpace the Republicans 226,359 to 186,991 and 76,304 votes went to those registered as other.

Polls open 7 a.m. and close 8 p.m Saturday for the general election.

Locally, Franklin Parish voters are deciding on their next clerk of court and District 2, 5 and 7 Police Jurors. Additionally, District 20 House representative, governor and secretary of state are on the ballot.

Anita Gallagher-Wygal faces Matthew Hollis in a runoff for the clerk of court’s position.

In the primary election, Gallagher-Wygal received 49 percent or 3,468 votes to Hollis’ 29 percent or 2,023 votes.

The two candidates are vying for current Clerk of Court Ann Johnson’s position. Johnson opted not to run for re-election.

David L. DeBlieux is going against Ronnie Cassels in a runoff for Police Jury District 2. Coming out of the primary election, DeBlieux was the leader receiving 405 votes to Cassels’ 251 votes. DeBlieux took 38 percent of the votes.

Police Juror Leroy Scott and Keiona Wesby are in a runoff for the Police Jury District 5 seat. Wesby received the most votes in the primary election with 307 to Scott’s 252. Wesby took in 37 percent of the votes in the primary election.

In the District 7 race, Police Juror Joe Lewis and Leodis Norman face-off in Saturday’s election.

Lewis amassed 371 votes to Norman’s 267 to force a run off. Lewis received 48 percent of the votes.

In the District 20 house race, Sen. Neil Riser of Columbia faces Kevin Bates of Winnsboro in a runoff for the seat.

Riser finished with 47 percent, or 7,720 votes in the primary election. Bates had 37 percent, or 6,095 votes.

Riser is currently completing his third term as senator for Louisiana’s 32nd district. State law prohibits serving more than three consecutive four-year terms.

House District 20 covers Franklin, Caldwell, Catahoula and Tensas parishes. The position is currently held by Rep. Steve Pylant of Winnsboro who opted not to seek re-election.

House members serve four-year terms with term limits, limiting representatives to three consecutive terms.

Statewide, Gov. John Bel Edwards faces Baton Rouge businessman Eddie Rispone in the general election Nov. 16. Edwards took in 47 percent of votes to Rispone’s 27 percent in the primary.

Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin is going against Gwen Collins-Greenup in a runoff. Ardoin locked up 41 percent while Collins-Greenup garnered 34 percent.

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