The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has allocated approximately $228,000 for 2019 flood damage to parish roads, according to Ken McManus with McManus Engineering Consultants.

McManus advised Police Jury public works committee members in a Monday morning meeting.

The allocation will be to reimburse Police Jury for gravel, culverts and some asphalt work performed because of flood damage.

When asked by Police Jury member Howie Robinson where the money would go Sam Wiggins, secretary/treasure answered, “It will go into (the) road and bridge (budget) because it is a reimbursement of what we have already claimed. You can utilize that to offset the deficits in your budget. I would suggest not allocating (the money) to anything new at this time.”

FEMA representatives have also left Franklin Parish after inspecting road freeze damage for six weeks, according to McManus.

“They are still trying to finish up their inspection reports,” said Cinnamon Gooding with McManus Engineering Consultants. “They will review the inspection reports and review all the data, and they will make a determination from all the data submitted.”

McManus said his company was still sending pictures and data from the freeze damage that FEMA was requesting. McManus did not know how much money Franklin Parish would receive from the federal government organization.

“We don’t know,” McManus said. “It could be no money to several million dollars. You can’t get any indication from FEMA.”

In March 2020, workers with McManus Consulting went district-by-district inspecting all paved parish roads. If portions of the road received ice damage, it was marked off with paint, measured and GPS coordinates were recorded. The information, along with a picture of the damage, was turned in to FEMA.

Road damage occurred when moisture leaked under the asphalt. The moisture expanded when it froze lifting the asphalt up. 

Meanwhile, a Capital Outlay Bill moving through the Louisiana Legislature includes funding for several parish roads. The list includes WPA Road for $2.4 million, Dummy Line Road for $3.5 million, Riley Road for $605,000 and L.D. Knox Road for $1.6 million, according to McManus. At press time, the bill has not been passed.

Capital Outlay Section prepares the proposed state construction program which is submitted to the Louisiana Legislature annually. Known as the capital outlay bill, the document includes state and some local projects financed with state and federal funds as well as state general obligation bonds and fees and self-generated revenues.

The Capital Outlay Act includes projects that have been proposed, reviewed and evaluated in accordance with constitutional and statutory provisions and excludes any project deemed not feasible after evaluation.

The Legislature conducts hearings on the proposed plan and makes changes as it moves through the legislative process.  After its enactment, the Capital Outlay Section reviews legislative changes and prepares the governor’s veto messages (if any).

Once the governor signs the legislation into law, the Section sends agencies letters notifying them of capital outlay appropriations and of the procedures required to initiate funded projects

According to the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, the Capital Outlay Program provides a source of funding for public improvement type projects not eligible for funding through any of thededicated funding programs. The funds are provided through the sale of State General Obligation Bonds and can be used for acquiring lands, buildings, equipment or other properties, or for their preservation or development of permanentimprovements.

Additionally, public works committee members recommended children at play signs on Mercer Street and a Dead End sign on Eaton Road.

They also recommended to help the Town of Winnsboro by donating time and equipment in the Davis Park playground renovation.

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