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Gilbert will apply for upwards of $600,000 in capital outlay funding for upgrades in the village sewer system.

Alderman approved the measure in their regular Oct. 8 Town Council meeting.

Capital outlay is money that is spent to maintain, upgrade, acquire or repair significant pieces of property.

Capital outlay projects are funded by the state Legislature. Local governments submit a request for their local projects to be included in the state’s Capital Outlay budget. The projects included in the Capital Outlay budget are funded when the state incurs bonded indebtedness to pay for them.

Capital Outlay projects are funded when the governor’s Commissioner of Administration include a Capital Outlay project in a bond sale, which is approved by the state Bond Commission.

If approved, the money will be used to rehabilitate the remainder of Gilbert’s sewer lines, said Mayor Mike Stephens.

In the August meeting, Ken McManus with McManus Consulting Engineers of Monroe, told aldermen Gilbert had received a $821,000 USDA grant along with a $588,000 USDA loan to refurbish the majority of its sewer system. The amounts total $1.4 million with 58 percent of the proceeds coming from the grant.

With the grant and loan funding, Gilbert will refurbish its lift stations and manholes, upgrade its sewer force mains and rework the waste water treatment plant.

“We’re working with the Bond Commission to get all the paperwork done,” Stephens said.

Meanwhile, alderman amended the juvenile curfew to 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

“We’ve had a lot of juveniles on the streets since school let out, and the parents don’t even know it,” Stephens said.

Additionally, aldermen agreed to getting a village credit card.

“A lot of places don’t take checks anymore,” Stephens said. “This card is for emergency purchases. We’ll pay the card fully each month. We’re not going to be paying 30 percent interest.”

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