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Gilbert officials seek money from a Community Development Block Grant - Cares (CDBG - CV) program offering $2.3 million for parks and recreation.

Town Council members held a public hearing Sept. 9, so Gilbert officials can apply for the program.

Under the program, $2.3 million will be used to fund 60 smaller municipalities’ park programs, according to Cinnamon Gooding with McManus Engineering. Winning programs could receive up to $125,000.

In a related matter, Town Council members are receiving quotes for playground equipment and are expected to review quotes at the October meeting.

In August’s regular meeting, Town Council members agreed to cash in a certificate of deposit (CD) worth approximately $30,000 to finance playground equipment.

Gilbert officials have been discussing creating a park with playground equipment for quite some time and felt the timing was right with American Relief Plan Act (ARPA) funds soon coming to village coffers.

Gilbert is expecting approximately $205,000 in ARP funds, according to Mayor Mike Stephens. Money will be used to help replace revenue lost during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, Gilbert officials continue to wait on USDA approval of sewer project paperwork. After approval, project bids can be advertised and eventually awarded, according to Gooding.

Gilbert received a $821,000 USDA grant along with a $588,000 USDA loan to refurbish the majority of its sewer system. The amounts total $1.4 million with 58 percent of the proceeds coming from the grant.

The USDA loan comes with a 1.125 percent interest rate.

With grant and loan funding, Gilbert will refurbish its lift stations and manholes, upgrade its sewer force mains and rework the waste water treatment plant.

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