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New officers were elected to the Franklin Parish Police Jury in its regular meeting, Jan. 14.

Police Juror James Harris was voted president, replacing Juror Ricky Campbell in a 4-3 vote. Juror Gary Peters made the recommendation for Harris while Juror Rawhide Robinson recommended Campbell.

Jurors Keiona Wesby, Leodis Norman, and Peters voted for Harris, and Jurors Robinson, and David Deblieux voted for Campbell. Harris and Campbell voted for themselves.

Harris has been on the Police Jury since 2009 when he was appointed to the remainder of Ray Young’s term. He recently served as chaplain.

First-term police juror, Norman, was voted vice president, replacing Robinson on the same 4-3 vote with now president Harris breaking the tie.

Norman was nominated by Peters.

Another first-term police juror, Peters, was voted chaplain. He was recommended by Norman and went in without opposition. He replaced Harris who is now president.

Additionally, police jurors chose 2021 committee members.

On the finance committee, Robinson, Peters and Norman were chosen while Peters, Wesby and Robinson were named to the personnel committee.

Recreation committee members for 2021 are Campbell, Norman and Wesby, and Harris and Peters are on the insurance committee.

Current public works committee members are Campbell, Robinson and Deblieux while Robinson, Peters and Deblieux are on the garbage committee.

2021 appropriations committee members are Norman, Peters and Wesby, and road bond committee members are Wesby, Robinson and Harris.

Serving on the mosquito abatement committee are Robinson and Wendell Thornton while Wesby and Peters will serve on the North Delta Board.

Harris will once again be the Franklin Medical Center liaison for the Police Jury, and  Campbell, Norman and Robinson will serve on the purchasing committee.

Courthouse committee for 2021 will be Peters, Harris and Robinson while economic committee members are Harris, Wesby and Deblieux.

Fire district committee members are Campbell, Robinson and Peters, and appeals committee members are Mitch Reynolds, Robinson and Norman.

Deblieux, Harris and Peters will again serve on the activity center committee while Peters, Norman and Harris are on the ambulance committee.

Additionally, Police Jury members set 2021 meeting times.

Regular Police Jury meetings will take place the second Thursday at 5 p.m. and committee meetings will be held the first Thursday starting at 4 p.m.

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