Search for funding to repair the anemic condition of Turkey Creek levee continues for Franklin Parish police jurors.

Police jurors discussed possible funding routes at their public works committee meeting July 3.

Conditions have worsened at the south Franklin Parish levee to the point where large, gaping chunks of dirt have eroded into the water. Erosion has become so bad in parts all terrain vehicles can not travel on the levee, said Ken McManus, with McManus Consulting Engineers of Monroe.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) awarded the Franklin Parish Police Jury $184,000 to reduce future flooding in regards to the levee, but estimated project costs total some $3 million. The Turkey Creek levee project calls for complete refurbishing of the structure and installing relief pipes.

With the awarded money being far less than the amount needed to completely repair the levee, questions have arose on how to properly use FEMA funding. Jurors are seeking answers from FEMA on whether they could use the funding to patch the worst areas of the levee, and if they could use their time and equipment in place of the required 20 percent match.

“We have to prove mitigating the damage would reduce flood hazard,” McManus said.

The Turkey Creek levee was constructed in the late 1950s for the purpose of forming Turkey Creek Lake. If the levee breaks water will be drained from the lake and dispersed in the Black and Tensas rivers.

Police Jury has contacted Congressman Ralph Abraham’s office to schedule a meeting in hopes of securing assistance in obtaining federal funding.

Meanwhile, contractors began work on the Boggy Bayou project Monday.

The project, located near Abe Lincoln subdivision, entails cleaning and removing debris, grading, reshaping the channel and replacing culverts. W.L. Bass Construction of Monroe was awarded the $767,215 project at the Police Jury’s regular meeting May 9.

The Franklin Parish Police Jury will hold its regular meeting Thursday beginning at 5 p.m.

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