A hardship request to improve the quality of a driveway on L.R. Hatton Road was denied while another hardship request on 141 Alma Street was approved during the Aug. 8 Franklin Parish Police Jury meeting.

Named after the property owners, the “Winsted Road hardship drive” request was denied due to project size and cost limitations set by an ordinance passed by Franklin Parish Police Jury giving guidelines for hardship drive requests. The ordinance was amended in 2017 and follows provisions listed in the Louisiana Constitution.

Hardship drive requests provide reasonable road access of poor and needy citizens, according to ordinance standards.

The hardship drive is limited to grading, graveling and maintaining of a road not exceeding a quarter mile long and 12 feet wide, according to the ordinance.

Additionally, materials cannot exceed 150 cubic yards of pit run or 15 yards of washed gravel, according to the ordinance.

Police Juror Buddy Parks was the sole nay vote in the denial as frustration surfaced during the denial of the Winsted hardship drive.

“I think it is pretty dirty to be sitting on a quarter of million dollar horse barn that has been sitting up there with weeds growing around it for three or four years, and we can’t help the public out or a lady in a wheel chair,” Parks said.

Police Jury Secretary Sam Wiggins explained to Parks the necessity of obeying the laws.

“You can’t do propriety for a person for that amount,” Wiggins said. “It is not the Police Jury’s decision. It is the revised statue and the law that governs you. There is a difference in a drainage canal that helps out a multitude of people and one individual. Everybody wanted to do it, but it is not legal.”

The 141 Alma Street hardship drive was unanimously passed by Police Jurors.

Improvements called for grading 481 feet with minimum material used at 141 Alma Street.

On a related topic, Police Jurors approved buildup of two sections on Mullins Road. The buildup requires 300 yards of dirt with estimated cost at $3,000.

Meanwhile, costs estimates total $16,000 to repair storm damage at Turkey Creek Park. Jurors agreed to seek contractor repair estimates.

Also at the meeting, Police Jurors agreed to install children at play signs on Henderson and Cypress roads.

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