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A family was put on Facebook Live by Winnsboro Police Department without their permission a day after their son was killed.

Monyea and Angelae Malone, parents of Kortney Malone, spoke against the department and use of social media at Winnsboro Town Council’s regular meeting Monday night.

Kortney Malone, 27, was murdered Aug. 24, 2021. He was found in a Smith Street ditch, killed from multiple stab wounds. Sebastian L. Brass, 33, was indicted for second degree murder by a Franklin Parish Grand Jury on Sept. 21 in connection with Malone’s death.

During her speech to Town Council members, Angelae Malone said a WPD officer approached them and requested a meeting between them, Police Chief Will Pierce and Mayor John Dumas the day after her son was killed.

The couple initially met in Pierce’s office. When they arrived the officer excused himself to Dumas’ office which is in an adjacent building. According to Angelae, the officer returned to the meeting and said Dumas gave permission for the group to gather in his office.

Dumas knew nothing about the planned encounter, according to Angelae.

Upon arriving at Dumas’ office, the WPD office started Facebook Live, but the Malone’s did not know it was on social media.

“Not knowing this man was bidding on putting it on Facebook Live,” Angelae said. “Me breaking down. We will never understand that. It was done without our permission. We didn’t sign no disclosure or nothing. We assumed this was a video going to the DA. Who does that? A mother and father’s son was killed like a dog, laid in a ditch. To get brownie points?”

In an emotional August 25, 2021 social media video, Malone’s family members were seen calling for justice and for information leading to the attacker’s arrest. The video has been taken down.

“At this time, we can’t (further) discuss (this),” Angelae said. “Councilmen you will know in months to come other things will be coming out. They put us on Facebook live. There was no compassion. Put yourself in my husband and my position. How would you feel? Some couldn’t even walk a half mile in our shoes. Just put yourself in them”

Monyea, Kortney’s father, spoke briefly about the situation to Town Council members.

“A man is suppose to raise, protect, provide and love his family,” Monyea said. “But, when you have incompetence running rampant in a department that is suppose to protect and serve, but they don’t.” 

According to Monyea, Pierce and his deputies were on the scene, but no one came to their house to tell them of the tragic news. Somebody had to tell them from the murder scene.

“As a man, as a father and as a preacher, I am being challenged everyday,” he said, trailing off. “I still can’t process that scene, seeing my child like that. But, having a department disrespect a family when they are vulnerable….”

Kortney was put to rest Sept. 4 at Abundant Life Church in Winnsboro on Sept. 4, 2021. Burial was at Greater Pilgrim Rest Cemetery in Mangham.

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