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Corn took a slight dip in acreage while soybean acreage increased and cotton acreage took a nose dive, said Carol Pinnell-Allison, LSU AgCenter.

Allison received official local numbers from the Farm Service Agency.

Corn was at 95,000 acres, down 3,000 acres from last year, according to Allison. Soybeans surged forward to 50,000 acres, up from last year’s total of 22,000 acres.

Cotton continues to draw dismal numbers at 10,500 acres, down from last year’s total of 22,000 acres.

Another of Franklin Parish’s crop might be making comeback.

Catfish pond acreage is up locally from last year’s total of 50 acres to 340 acres, according to Allison.

Nationally, corn and soybean production is up from 2019, according to the Crop Production report issued by USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

Soybean production is up 21percent from last year, forecasted at 4.31 billion bushels. Corn growers are expected to increase their production 9 percent from 2019, forecast at 14.9 billion bushels.

The average U.S. corn yield is forecast at a record high 178.5 bushels per acre, down 3.3 bushels from last month’s forecast but up 11.1 bushels from last year.

Acres planted to corn, at 92.0 million, are up 3 percent from 2019.

Areas to be harvested for grain is forecasted at 83.5 million acres, down less than 1 percent from last month but 3 percent more than was harvested last year.

As of Aug. 30, 62 percent of this year’s corn crop was reported in good or excellent condition, 4 percentage points above the same time last year.

Area for soybean harvest is forecasted at 83 million acres with planted area for the nation estimated at 83.8 million acres, up 10 percent from last year. Soybean yields are expected to average a record high 51.9

bushels per acre, down 1.4 bushels from last month’s forecast but up 4.5 bushels from 2019.

NASS forecasts all cotton production at 17.1 million 480-pound bales, down 6 percent from the Aug. 1 forecast and down 14 percent from last year. Yield is expected to average a record high 910 pounds per harvested acre, up 87 pounds from 2019.

Area planted to all cotton is estimated at 12.1 million acres, down less than 1 percentage from the previous estimate and 12 percent below last year.

Area to be harvested is forecasted at 9.01 million acres, 3 percent below last month’s forecast and 22 percent fewer acres than were harvested last season.

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