Total patients admitted to Franklin Medical Center for August was 125, down from last year’s monthly total of 148, according to budget numbers.

Board of Commissioners was presented the data at their monthly meeting Oct. 1.

“Our in-patient census is still down 15 percent less than last year and 23 percent less than budget,” said Billy Page, FMC chief fiscal officer.

Census patient days were at 311, according to the budget.

Total surgery cases were 94 with 20 being in-patient and 74 being out-patient surgeries, according to budget numbers.

Emergency room visits totaled 671 for August.

“Emergency room visits still have not come back,” Page said. “16 percent less than last year and 31 percent less than budget.”

Rural health clinics operated by FMC are “almost back” to normal, Page said.

Winnsboro South Clinic saw the most patients for August with 2,440 followed by Winnsboro North Clinic with 1,055.

Newellton Rural Clinic had 231 with St. Joseph recording 202 and Crowville with 182.

FMC’s total income for August showed a loss of $31,096, according to the budget.

Net patient revenue totaled $2.6 million and total operating expense was $2.7 million for August.

Salaries and wages were FMC’s biggest expense at $1.2 million followed by contract services at $770,800.

FMC spent $272,355 on food, drugs and supplies and $140,902 on employee benefits, according to the budget.

FMC made $4.4 million in outpatient revenue and $575,221 on inpatient revenue in August.

Additionally, a ribbon cutting for the new rural health care clinic in Gilbert is planned for Oct. 12 at 8:30 a.m.

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