A preliminary list of 2022 parish road projects were reviewed by Police Jury Public Works committee members Monday.

The list was compiled by McManus Consulting Engineers of Monroe and was part of a revamped road improvement plan.

Which roads to repair were based on a point system. Road projects received points if connected to a state highway, high road population, estimated cost, project length and cost effectiveness. The more points a road receives, the higher up on the list it was placed.

To develop a list, Police Jury members submitted roads to parish superintendent Wendell Thornton. Engineers, with Thornton’s input, ranked the roads using the point system.

The past road priority repair list was compiled in 2006. Proponents for the new list said data for many of the roads on the current list were out of date due to population changes in areas.

The new list had 12 parish roads totaling $920,136 worth of repairs.

Topping the list was French Turn Road at a cost of $228,983 followed by McCaleb Road with repairs estimated at $30,677.

Next was Holland Drive with repairs coming to $2,469 then Lawson Road repairs worth $146,461.

Sixth on the list was Roberts Road with repairs listed at $9,222 and seventh was Clyde Weems Loop totaling $112,360.

Portions of Calhoun Road were listed twice on the road priority list at number eight and 11 with repairs were $25,035 and $57,087 respectively.

Repairs totaling $139,848 to L.D. Knox Road were ninth followed by $1,727 of repairs to Pine Prairie Loop.

Rodger Miller Road rounded out the list at number 12 with $119,861 worth of repairs.

Additionally, Police Jury officials will have to submit freeze damage locations to parish roads and maintenance history to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) representatives for possible repair reimbursements, said Cinnamon Gooding with McManus Consulting Engineers.

In March 2021, workers with McManus Consulting went district-by-district inspecting all paved parish roads. If portions of the road received ice damage, it was marked off with paint, measured and GPS coordinates were recorded. The information, along with a picture of the damage, was turned into FEMA.

According to McManus’ March report, “ice damage is everywhere throughout the parish.”

Road damage occurred when moisture leaked under the asphalt. The moisture expanded when it froze lifting the asphalt up. 

Police Jury officials, along with McManus Engineering, have been working with FEMA for several months on the road ice damage reports.

Meanwhile, Public Works committee members recommended Police Jury employees assist Baskin with tree limb removal, and a Sweet Water Lane resident requested the street be taken out of the parish system.

Police Jury members will first have to send letters to those who live on the street and hold a public hearing before deciding on the measure.

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