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Speed humps will be placed in Abe Lincoln Subdivision to deter speeding motorist.

Franklin Parish Police Jury members approved the move in their Nov. 15 regular meeting.

Police Jury personnel will install speed humps at an overall cost estimated at $934 each. The move was a cost saving measure after Police Jury members reviewed price estimates to purchase the speed deterrents.

Speed humps will be installed on Lincoln, School, Woods and Louisiana streets. Exactly how many speed humps is not known as of yet.

Police Jury member Keiona Wesby championed the move to install speed humps.

While similar to speed bumps, humps are less aggressive than speed bumps at low speeds. Humps are often used on public streets, while bumps are used more in parking lots. Speed bumps generally slow cars to 5–10 mph, humps slow cars to 15–20 mph.

Additionally, Police Jury members denied security lights for Mary and Delta streets but approved a flood light for Abe Lincoln Sewer Plant.

Meanwhile, Police Jury members tabled lists dealing with surplus equipment, 2022 drainage projects and 2021 projects not done that needed to be rolled over to 2022.

In other action, Police Jury members approved driveway improvements for the Franklin Parish Activity Center.

The Activity Center’s back driveway is in need of being built up to sustain horse trailers with heavy trucks and equipment. Police Jury members recommended placing pit run to build the driveway up.

A raise in boat launch fees to $5 at Turkey Creek Park was also approved by Police Jury members along with removing two dead trees on Ashley Loop.

Beer permits were approved for Twin Oaks Country Club and K&L Country Store along with extending Franklin Parish Sheriff Kevin Cobb’s term on the E-911 Communication District Board for another four years.

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